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Singer DENCIA narrates her robbery ordeal in France

CAMEROUNIAN/Nigerian singer, Reprudencia popularly known as Dencia had a bitter pill to swallow on Monday, November 11, 2013, when her bag containing her passport, credit cards, Blackberry Porsche, jewelry and $6,100 was stolen where she went to change money in Paris, France.

Unfortunately, the police couldn’t do anything to salvage the situation leaving the singer shattered.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the singer cum dancer about her experience…

 denciaPlease, accept our sympathy.  How and when did it happen?

It happened on Monday, November 11, 2013 in the morning.  I went to a currency exchange place in Paris, France.  I was accompanied by my sister since it was a public holiday. It was the only place opened.  Moreso, I had used their service a week before.  I went to change dollars to Euro so I could send through Moneygram to Nigeria, Cameroun and USA for business purposes and also for my dog’s upkeep.  My sister dropped me off and I went to join the queue.  I was the second person on the line.  A Haitian man was in front of  me. I took out my cash, gave the man that was going to Nigeria $900 and kept the remaining $6,100 which I wanted to send to USA.

I had to make a phone call to my brother because I wanted my grandma to bring some things for me from Africa.  While I was doing that, I was told to sign.  So, I put my bag down to do just that.  Before I knew it, within seconds, the bag was gone. I turned back and saw some Africans standing. I asked them and they said the man behind me took the bag.  I was shocked because nobody screamed or said anything.  They were just watching, while another person was robbed.  I asked the currency exchange people to call the corps while I called my sister who was in the car waiting for me.  I really felt terrible.  My sister who was nine months pregnant had to go through the stress.

Did the police interrogate the five people that witnessed the robbery?

They didn’t wait for the police to come.  I guess they had no papers and didn’t want to face the police.  The man they accused of stealing even came back.  He claimed he had to change a name on his transaction that was why he went out.  The people who pointed accusing fingers at him couldn’t confront him when he came back. He was searched but couldn’t find anything on him, so they couldn’t do anything.  I was surprised, shocked and at the same time, I started suspecting those five Africans but they had gone.

1-Dencia-Beri-BeriAny positive development from the police?

The police did not attempt to check the cameras and other stores to ask if they had cameras.  They didn’t do anything to help honestly. They told us to go and lodge complaint to the police.  I was really upset because I lost a lot, a passport, jewelry, social security cards and money and they couldn’t do anything about it.  I had to walk out because the police were asking me what will they do with a video footage showing a thief.  I was so pissed off that I told them to get the footage and I will find the thief.

Nothing positive from them yet but I have made some moves. I have gone to my bank, they are aware of the incident.  Hopefully, when the thief wants to use the credit card, we will be able to trace the person through the address and so on. I am not really comfortable that someone has all my details out there.  I have been robbed a lot in the past two years.  I can’t let this one slide, not anymore.

Do you by chance suspect anyone?

Yes, I do.  All those people who watched it happen, we should be each other’s keeper.  For them to say everyone has his own problems and no one was willing to help is really surprising.

dencciaWhat are some of the lessons you have learnt from your ordeal?

I have learnt to be more careful and attentive and not expect anyone to look out for me.  You have to watch your own back.  The Bible says we should be our brother’s keeper but I have learnt the hard way.

Tell us about your trip to Paris, is it business or career related?

I originally went to Brussels (Belgium) for a show and after that, had some offers in Paris, France. I also had some collabo and TV appearances.  Moreso, I haven’t seen my kid sister in over eight years.  So, I took the opportunity to do all that.

When should we be expecting you back?

I have a few shows in December.  So, I should be back mid-December.




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