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Sir Cliff Richard is no pervert – Police at last clarifies

Sir Cliff Richard has finally been vindicated from the charges against him over allegations of historical child sexual abuse.  The Crown Prosecution Service stated that there was ‘insufficient evidence to prosecute’ the veteran singer.

The arrest, charges and investigation which started in 2014 saw South Yorkshire Police raiding Sir Cliff’s £2.5million home in Berkshire, the United Kingdom. According to the police force, the case was estimated to have cost at  £800,000 after it investigated nine allegations against him.

The police force subsequently apologized to the veteran singer ‘wholeheartedly for the additional anxiety caused by our initial handling of the media interest’.

Sir Cliff in his reaction today expressed his mixed-feelings on his vindication: ‘After almost two years under police investigation, I learnt today that they have finally closed their enquiries. I have always maintained my innocence, co-operated fully with the investigation, and cannot understand why it has taken so long to get to this point.

‘I was named before I was even interviewed and for me that was like being hung out like “live bait”. It is obvious that such strategies simply increase the risk of attracting spurious claims which not only tie up police resources and waste public funds, but they forever tarnish the reputations of innocent people.

‘To my fans and members of the public, to the press and media, all of whom continued to show me such encouraging and wonderful support, I would like to say “thank you” – it would have been so much harder without you.’



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