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Talented designer @ LFDW x-ray their future (2)

 ‘I work with any fabric’ –  BEATRICE BLACK

Beatrice Black

Beatrice Black

BEATRICE Black, Creative Director of the fashion label, Beatrice Black Atari made a return to the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week with jaw dropping collections.

 What name will you like to give your collections?

The name is Morals.  They are things we really need now, go to the locals you can’t find them.  A lot of things are missing in this country.  So, I try to do something different.  So, my designs are like a message, Morals.

In essence, you are preaching against nudity?

We were all nude when we came into this world.  I believe God wanted it that way. I am not against what people do with their lives as long as it doesn’t affect the other person.  You have the right to be whoever you want to be.

How long have you been in this business?

I didn’t come as a designer who creates ready to wear clothes because our people in the past didn’t appreciate our own.  Later, when I realized what we can do, I auditioned for the show and I was discovered.  I didn’t train as a designer but I can create any design that will impress you.

You are based in Port Harcourt (Rivers), how will you compare the market there with that of Lagos?

Lagos has a lot of civilized people.  Lagos people are connected and they support their own. In Port Harcourt, they support but they don’t come out to buy as much as they do in Lagos.

How did you come about your brand name?

Beatrice Black is my original name.  Black Atari is my surname.  Both parents had gone and I was like they didn’t see me doing this, they saw me shredding clothes but they didn’t see me finish them.  My mom was the one sewing my clothes when I was growing. It was when she passed on that I realized I could do it.  So, what better way to honour them than this.  I am from Bayelsa State.

What particular fabric are you comfortable working with?

If you want to be creative you don’t enjoy working with just one fabric.  With any fabric, I can do wonders.

How big are you now and what level do you aspire to get to?

I am big already, and I will love to get to that level where I will be known all over the world.

Who are your clients and who do you still dream to sew clothes for?

So far, I have been lucky to have Tiwa Savage wear my clothes, Kate Henshaw – those are the ones I can remember.  I love Genevieve to wear my clothes.  I work with women basically.



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