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Talented designers @ LFDW x-ray their future (3)

‘Our brand is a synergy of creativity’ – House of Forms and Function owners

Olufemi George and Babatunde Olufon

Olufemi George and Babatunde Olufon

BABATUNDE Olufon and Olufemi George are the owners of fashion label, House of Forms and Function.  They are known for men’s wear, majorly bespoke suit and other designs for men. They were two of the designers whose works were on parade at the 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week.


Tell us about your brand name.

The name is House of Forms and Function.  It’s an architectural name that signifies forms and function.  People have different body shapes and sizes, and you have different designs for different body sizes and shapes.

How long have you been in the industry?

About eight years.

How did you come about the partnership with your colleague?

We grew up together and went to the same church.  We were childhood friends.  He is an architect and I am a sociologist.

How have you been coping as partners in business?

It’s been great, we get better by the year.

What kind of clothes do you specialize in?

We started with bespoke suits, wedding suits and formal wears for people that go to dinner and work.  Now, we are going into casuals.  There was a time we did women clothes, we realized that was not our strong point, we had to leave it for the women.

Where did you learn fashion?

It was something that I picked up.


How long have you been doing this?

For seven years now, officially.

How did the partnership evolve?

We were family friends.  We shared the same ideals and that brought us together.  I was into consultancy and he was into banking.  We saw a need for clothing for men in particular.

Coming from a different background, how do you cope doing the work?

There are ideas from different people to produce a desired result.  We have synergy and we work together.  We try to respond to the needs for men clothing and it has been good.

Who are your clients?

A lot of celebrities, bank’s CEOs, oil gurus.  We dictate to people.  We also have plans for the common man for their every day needs.

What are your plans for the coming years?

To expand to Europe, that is what I am working on.  We are going retail.

Who does the designs?

Both of us. It’s a synergy we create.  We bring our heads together, two good heads are better than one.



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