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The African Givers Awards (TAGA) sets to honour selfless service, calls for nominations

The organizing committee of The African Givers Awards (TAGA) has called for nomination entries of organizations and individuals deemed qualified for this year’s conference and awards, slated for October 12,2018, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The theme of this year’s event is: Recognizing Outstanding Contributions in the Third Sector

The annual event is conceived for the need to recognize the significant contributions made by the Third Sector (Social Leaders, Non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, CBOs, Charities, FBOs, etc) across Nigeria and Africa.

A statement by Mr. Dele Ojo, publicity secretary of the committee quoted Clare Henshaw, project director of TAGA as saying” the aims and objectives of TAGA is to honor and encourage stakeholders whose contributions have not been properly recognized in the third sector”.

According to Henshaw, the Awards is also to encourage various practitioners in the social space to improve their levels of creativity and inject new innovations in implementing their activities.

To her, these individuals and organizations make up the  majority of selfless givers not fully recognized and rewarded on a bigger stage as they work to alleviate, highlight, intervene and proffer lasting solutions and interventions to some of the biggest challenges faced by vulnerable, less privileged and the minority populations that they serve.

“These important works that they do”  she stressed, “have  lasting impacts and significantly improve the lives of others by advocating for social change and giving a voice to those who otherwise may not be heard”.

She emphasized that TAGA symbolizes a unifying avenue for Nigerian and African NGO’s/NPOs, CSOs, etc to integrate and engage in collaborative efforts with their foreign counterparts as it relates to their different areas of focus.

Meanwhile, followings are the various categories of awards for the event:


African Giver for Charity of the Year

This award is for an individual African philanthropist that have contributed to the positive efforts of community development by supporting an NGO through funding with reasonable impact around the continent of Africa.


Most Outstanding NGO of The Year

Therecipient of this award is a stakeholder who has civically engaged their members or communities with their various projects.


Lifetime Achievement Award for Charity

This award could sometimes be posthumous or otherwise as the case may be. It recognizes an individual who makes distinguished contributions to a country, state or community in the areas of social, physical, and/or educational improvements. Nominee should be someone who regularly lends his/her experience, expertise and efforts to improve the community.


Unsung Hero Award –

The recipient of this award is a person who gives his/her time, talent, and energy unselfishly, making substantive yet unrecognized contributions to the third sector.


Philanthropic Personality of the Year-

This award will be presented to an individual whose financial contributions for civic engagements is unmeasurable within the third sector.

Most Innovative Social Impact NGO of the Year- This award recognizes a civic organization for a project, event, or program that is the best example of Building bridges and creating a significant impact in social change mindset within thecommunity.


NGO Corporate Partner of the Year-

This category goes to a corporate organization that have significantly contributed financially and materially to the advancement of programmes or projects of an NGO or the third sector in general within a year.


Most Impactful Media House of the Year

The media organization that wins this category most have been consistent in reporting and highlighting the various challenges, successes and inter-Governmental relationships and policies as it relates to the third sector.

The Awards  Criteria are as follows :

*Stakeholders (NGOs) working to improve the well-being and general living standard of their members with impactful results.

*An individual or organization which demonstrates a considerable amount of community responsibility for the less privileged in the area of funding.

*Increasing awareness and importance of enhancing beneficiaries quality of life  through their programs and events

*A media house promoting unity, communication, interaction, and cooperation between funders, partners and the third sector.

*In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected based on which nominees project had the greatest community impact; whether it be the number of people affected or the area size served.  If the votes remain tied, the Awards Nomination committee will determine the winner.

*A founder who’s foundation or organization due to its impactful activities can be said to be a role model to other NGOs and stakeholders.

*Most active and result oriented NGO within the sector.

The Awards is powered by entertainment konzult Ltd, Inspire-Her AFRICA and Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation . entertainment konzult ltd is an events, entertainment and awards promotions company based in Lagos Nigeria .

While Advocacy for widows Empowerment foundation (ADWEF) an NGO is focused on widows’ right advocacy, skills acquisition and entrepreneurial empowerment initiatives, Inspire -Her Africa is a social good company with a mission to project the best of Africa  focusing on contemporary social and cultural issues.

Nominations can be emailed to info@tagawards.net and tagaawards@gmail.com.



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