‘There’s no discrimination of any sort in the House’ -Minority Whip (PDP), Mosunmola (365 days of Lagos 8th Assembly)

Hon. (Mrs.) Sangodara-Rotimi Mosunmola is 52 and is serving her first term in the House of Assembly, representing the good people of Surulere Constituency II.

A businesswoman who sits atop a thriving business – Mosrat Ventures as Managing Director, she holds a National Diploma in Banking, from Lagos State College of Science and Technology.

She is presently the Minority Chief Whip in the Assembly.


How has it been in one year that you have been Minority Whip of Lagos House of Assembly?

We thank God for making us see through the one year in office. It has been Him that’s been seeing me through in the Assembly, and as the Minority Whip of the House, it’s been God’s grace that’s been directing me all through. He has been giving me the wisdom and understanding to carry out my duties.

What will you say are the functions of Minority Whip?

As the Minority Whip of the House, some functions are to assist in managing the party’s Legislative programmes in the House, and help provide information to party members in the House on important matters in the House. It’s also the duty of the Minority Whip to make sure my party members are disciplined in the Legislature.

What are the privileges attached to the office of the Minority Whip?

Actually, there is no special privilege attached to it, as we are all one in the House of Assembly. Just that there must be a selected few to help lead and guide its members in the house so that there can be effectiveness in carrying out our duties. That is why we are selected as Principal Officers.

What will you describe as the most exciting moment of your tenure as the Minority Whip in the last year?

The most exciting moment was during the swearing in into office. And also on the basis that we all see ourselves as one in the Assembly, no discrimination of any sort regardless of party or be it that I am a woman. We all come together to make law to move Lagos State forward.

What would you say is the most challenging moment so far?

There has been no challenging moment for me in the House of Assembly so far. It’s all going on smoothly.

Did your emergence as Minority Whip come as a surprise to you or it was something you were expecting?

It wasn’t a surprise to me. It was expected, and I got it as expected.

What will you say has changed about you since you became Minority Whip?

Really nothing has changed so far. I am still the woman I used to be. Caring and hardworking, always wanting to get my set goals.

As your new status as principal officer affected your primary responsibility of representing your people?

No, it has not changed the fact. I still represent my people. Since it’s through them I came into office. So, I am not an ingrate to forget my people of Surulere Constituency II voted me into office.

Where do you hope to see the House of Assembly in years?

In the next three years, I see the House of Assembly still running smoothly, and its members still cooperative as usual, making all efforts to move Lagos State to greater heights. As we all know that “Itesiwaju Ilu Eko lo jowa loju”.




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