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Those holding parallel congress are doing birthday party – Chief (Mrs.) Kemi Nelson

Chief (Mrs ) Kemi Nelson, the National Zonal Women Leader (South West ) of All Progressives Congress and member of Governors Advisory Council (GAC) in Lagos state told in this interview that members of the party who were alleged to be holding a parallel state congress at Ikeja Airport Hotel are having a birthday party and not a congress.
She told us this during the party state congress held at the party secretariat on Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja, today (Saturday, May 19, 2018).

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How do you feel about today’s State Congress? 

I feel fine, okay and elated that we are in one accord in the state. I am also happy that I am handing over as the state Women Leader to a competent hand.

There is this issue of a parallel state congress holding at Ikeja Airport Hotel. What is your opinion on this? 

I wouldn’t waste my time reacting to it because, as far as I’m concerned, it is a non-issue. Everybody is here. The congress committee from Abuja is here. All the security operatives are here, INEC is here, all the leadership are here. So, whatever is happening anywhere is probably some people celebrating their birthday.

There is also the impression that what is happening here is just an endorsement of some candidates selected by some party leaders and not those elected by the people. What is your take on this?

Don’t forget that we started all of these from the ward congresses where there was a full arrangement for people to come and vote for the candidates of their choice and that was what they did. The people actually came out to vote. That is the most important and that is all comers election. So, if you have a leader that we all believe in and that in all the years that we ‘ve been with him, he has never misled us. So, if he says you leaders sit together… For instance, over 15 women wanted to become women leader because the office has become so attractive. So, if we don’t have a leader with a vision, we may not be able to agree on the person that will be able to handle the office. For me, our leader didn’t do it by himself, he did it in consultation with other leaders from all the local governments and senatorial districts and the Governors Advisory council eventually ratified it. For me, nobody can accuse the leaders of the party of imposition or whatever.

What will be your advice to Hon Jumoke Okoya – Thomas who will be taking over from you as the State Women Leader? 

She has a lot of work to do. In fact, I feel guilty that I have raised the stake so high that she must do three times of what I have done. Because I’m bequeathing to her a legacy of confidence for the women which she must take it higher.

Are you also relinquishing your position as the South West Women Leader to her? 

No, no, no, it has nothing to with the South West. As a matter of fact, I was just overseeing that office (State Women Leader) in past four years because we cannot put anybody until a congress of this nature is held. Now that the Congress is holding we are now filling that office. I am in GAC (Governors Advisory Council) and our leaders have also agreed that I should go to the national convention and re-contest my office as a National Zonal Women leader.

Meaning that is still likely to be elected again as South West Women Leader?
Yes, by God grace.



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