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Toolz opens up on talk show, career and love life

‘I’m seeking guidance from God before I marry’

Aside hosting The Midday Show with Toolz on The Beat 99.9 FM, On Air Personality, Tolu Oniru (Toolz) has been very much busy in recent times with a new television talk show, The Juice on NdaniTV, an online TV platform powered by GTBank. The Juice is an entertainment driven interview series and has featured top Nigerian celebrities, those who have been on the show like Davido, Tiwa Savage, 2Face and the likes shared their stories like never before. And having concluded season one of the talk show, Tolu Oniru returned with gusto on season two of The Juice.

ToolzTell us, what have you been up to in recent times?

I have been working very hard on different projects, and one of my main projects is The Juice, a television talk show that tends to bring out all many don’t know about a celebrity.

What exactly is The Juice? As a TV series, what inspired it?

It is a celebrity talk show. We bring on set a celebrity that people are talking about, we interview such and extract what people don’t know about the person. The audience responses have been massive. They wanted more of The Juice, and we had to listen to them.

The last season of The Juice featured a lot of celebrities; which celebrity interview was most exciting for you? 

All have been exciting in different ways, some because the guests said things they shouldn’t have, and some because they were absolutely hilarious.

Which celebrity or guest’s story has inspired you the most? 

Pretty much all the celebrities have an inspiring story to tell. They have had to overcome different obstacles to get to where they are now, which makes each story inspiring in their different ways.

So, if you could bring back any celebrity that has been interviewed on The Juice, who would that be and why? 

It would have to be Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. Her interview happened on a very busy day and we actually ran out of time, so I’m looking forward to a part two.



There’s a lot of anticipation regarding season 2 of The Juice. What should viewers expect from NdaniTV’s season 2 of The Juice?

Lots of excitement, fun, games and exposed secrets. Our first guest was 2Face which aired on April 6, 2014. So you have to keep watching to find out more.

What plans do you have on expanding your local audience?

We are working on making sure The Juice is available to a wider audience and as many platforms as possible.

People feel you have gotten to this height in your career, so quickly, because of your privileged background not your talent?

That is not true. For the first 12-18 months of my career, a lot of people didn’t know my surname, and were not really aware of my ‘privileged background’. My family have been supportive, but they don’t really get involved. My father wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer, so he wasn’t particularly thrilled with my decision to get into entertainment. Now, he sees me on TV, in magazines, hears me on radio and he respects how hard I have worked.

It’s been over three years since you moved back to Nigeria from the UK, how has it been? Are there any regret?

I actually moved in 2009. It has been one of the toughest but most rewarding journeys I have been on (and still on). I try not to focus on regrets. I miss constant electricity, hate Lagos traffic, but I believe I have made an impact here than I would have if I remained in the UK.

Which international OAP inspires you the most and why?

Angie Martinez is an entertainment goddess. I respect how she has established herself as an authoritative voice in the industry.



What is it like being a top female media personality? Are the challenges different on account of your gender?

There are definitely challenges as it is still a male dominated industry, but things are gradually changing.

You’ve had experiences in both radio and television, which is more challenging for you and which one do you find more preferable?

I started doing radio, and have been doing that for over four years. So, I am definitely more comfortable there. Television needs more focus and skills, but it is still very enjoyable.

When you started out, did you have any map for your career trajectory and has it gone according to plan?

When I started, I wasn’t sure I was any good. In fact, I was certain I would be fired in three months, but that didn’t happen. My career was initially on a plan-as-I-go basis, but now, I try to plan more and set more long term goals.

You are very good at presenting, and you’ve been hosting a lot of programmes. Can you tell us what separates you from others?

That’s a question that my listeners and viewers could probably answer better. I always think about what I would expect from a TV/radio presenter, and take it from there. It’s important that you look like you enjoy what you do.

Female OAPs attract a lot of attention from men. How do you handle yours?

I actually try not to think about it too much.

What particular rituals do you undergo before facing the cameras?

Hair and makeup. I also do some last minute research on the guest and plan my line of questioning!

Toolz (1)Let us into your beauty and fashion lifestyle?

I tend to go for outfits that are comfortable and styles that suit me. I have very sensitive skin that reacts to everything. So my beauty routine consists of regular facials, making sure I take off my makeup and using sunscreen.

If I have to take a peep into your wardrobe what would I see as the dominant item?

Shoes. I love shoes, they are my babies.

Where does marriage stand on the ladder of your personal wishes?

While marriage is important to me, what is most important is that I make this decision with the right person. This will be the person I commit the rest of my life to. So being patient, wise and seeking guidance from God is essential.




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