Video: How Solidstar Made AY, Yaw and Ossy Achievas engage in a dance Competition on Stage at #Shalanga

It was beyond a hilarious moment as Achievas Entertainment frontman Solidstar made the crowd go bananas by bringing Yaw, his boss Ossy Achievas and veteran comedian AY on stage to engage in an intense dance battle at Shalanga which  held on the 29th of May at Eko Convention Centre.

The ‘Wait Refix’ songster brought out the trio and bellowed at his fans to decide who the winner would be among them.

The crowd cheered as Yaw showed off his Shakiti Bobo skills, while Ossy Achievas gyrated with his cane in his hand – AY on the other hand made some hilarious corybantic moves!

Watch the video and decide for yourself who the winner is!



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