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Watch: Davido insults Dele Momodu in Falz’s new video

The fresh video of Falz, the Bahd guy, Bahd, Baddo, Baddest, released yesterday (Tuesday, May 31), featuring Olamide and Davido has kick started once again the beef between Omo Baba olowo and popular journalist and publisher of Ovation International, Dele Momodu.

Davido referred to MOMODU – whose cousin Sophie Momodu is the mother of the singer’s one year old daughter, Imade – as his boy. Davido is 24, while  Momodu is 56.

The song is trending…

And here are comments about Folarin Falz Falana’s video…

FroMaestro23 hours ago

Falz’s face at 3:02 when OBO says ‘dele na my boy’ LOLOL…nuff said. Pride goeth before destruction, sha.


He-sir Dih22 hours ago

you mean Dele Momodu and his children came to youtube to dislike this video…


safiya Idris1 day ago

Is it just me that thinks he doesn’t only make good music but he is also changing the game?… #FalzIsBae


ladyO Bammy1 day ago

Dele momodu is old enuf to be ur father…. If you respect ur father u go respect other fathers too… How many times u wan sing about dele momodu… Forget the past n move forward…. Dele na ur boy ( see him mouth)


Arowolo Dotun9 hours ago

As bad as it sound, respect is earned, Mr Dele need to earn his else this boy will not be dragging Dele’s like this. Though we must realize that we do have children that are not well trained from their house too.


Beyonce UC3 hours ago

Who is the Mr. Dele?


sexy doctor1 day ago

Hehehe was I the only one expecting a crazy scene when Davido mentioned ”Mr Dele na my boy”??…but NO i was just over-expectant for nothing😞😢😒 still a jam tho😁😍


ynvtiny Mabel19 hours ago

thers no energy kan kan in dix fideo amoh i luff d pipu dere i had to wash it


bruce hillary23 hours ago

Davido omoale, nice one was expecting more energy tho.


Excjay Ukiwo1 day ago

patiently waiting for davido’s part then l heard ‘Mr Dele is my boy..’ was like there he goes♨


The Katalyst21 hours ago

Its clean cut but no Energy!! seems like they all High and about to sleep!


Olanrewaju Ajibua21 hours ago

So my expectation on this video was too high or what?


Gideon Ebenezer6 hours ago

Well, expectation was high but at the same time, not much energy put in.


Charles Kenyuy1 day ago

Sleek OBO who noticed when he said fresh fresher freshest in order bahd baddo baddest. Wonders no go ever end. Dissing artists in a collabo featuring the same artists


Isatou Dumbuya8 minutes ago (edited)

omg so happy dat d video is finally out now…luv diz song…luv dis guyz…luv each parts…mein bahd, baddo, beddest…Money is all i know if you aint talkin money cant hear u the volume is somehow low….i luv dat.. haters will still hate…those dat dislike dis are just pathetic..


preach timmy23 hours ago

Falz on musical screen is totally different from Falz on JENIFA… Versatility at its best


ayobami habass adedamola14 hours ago

I think this video shouldn’t get any dislike….only fool will hit the dislike bottom 😁😁😁😁😁😁


S’Bling OnTheTrack21 hours ago

I feel like this video was made just because the song “needed” a video, below par tbh


Pee Bee13 hours ago

THEY NEED TO DO ANOTHER (BETTER) VIDEO. I love this song too much, and this doesn’t do it justice . THEY WERE NOT HYPED ENOUGH FOR ITTTT!


Ada Darboe1 day ago

I knew this video will be lit🔥 Who was also in a hurry to see Davido’s part💕😍


Ede Edokpolor22 hours ago

almost 5,000 views in a couple hours? Falz come a long way since waazup guy lol. he deserves it still, the boy is goood


atley paige1 day ago

falz never disappoints


ajibola alibaloye1 day ago

Only idiots will dislike good music


Adewale Oladipupo1 day ago

I love this song… patiently waited for Davido’s part. however this video didnt make a pass mark for me…


Hajja Trawally23 hours ago

I barely understood what falz said but I love the music. can anyone translate lol non Nigerian here. Davido always bragging about how much money he has. we get it you are rich congratulations.


Ojo Philip1 day ago

Nice Video! but do they really have to censor the word “Niggas” ? Damn!


Ijeoma Edith16 hours ago

if you are not talking about money I can not hear your volume is some how low lol olamide killed ,Mr dele Na my boy Davido lol love the music


Kola Adelekan13 hours ago

Who noticed Flaz looked away when Davido was like “dale na my boy”


Faith Olusola13 hours ago

after rating just the concept of the music name, this is what I get as the video?? nice video fx tho



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