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Why sex education should start at 8 for girls

As girls from the age of eight start to show signs of adolescence, recommendations have been made to parents to talk with them early. A recent study of over 4,000 Australian children between the age of eight and 13 revealed that about 40 per cent of them show signs of puberty from eight years, while 40 percent of boys show the same sign at a year after girls, as reported by The Advertiser.

The study further points to dramatic jump between the age of ten and 11, as boys increased by 52 percent and girls increased by 73 percent with experience of body hair and odour.

Dr. Ben Edwards, an Associate Professor at  Australian Institute of Family Studies said, ‘Parents are often reticent about having ‘the chat’, but this is an issue parents need to look out for from grade three or four onwards.’

Dr. Edward further said that parents should explain to the children the reasons for their showing signs of adulthood at early stage in life:

‘When fathers are absent there tends to be lower levels of income and more hardship,’ he said, ‘The body reacts in bringing on puberty as a survival mechanism. It may be that these children are teased about their development by their peers and parents need to be aware of this.’



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