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10 questions Dorcas Fopson and Taxify driver have to answer

Actress Dorcas Shola Fopson’s allegations against a Taxify driver Henry Nnaemeka and his denial have thrown up more questions.

While she accused him of molestation, attempted rape and possible abduction, he’s alleging fear of abduction.
But there are questions the actors in the trending drama (Fopson and Nnaemeka) have to answer to get near the truth.
And here are some:
1. Where exactly was she coming from, where was she going?
2.Why didn’t she lock herself in the car and honk to attract attention after he got out?
3. Did she disappear after the commotion? Where did she go?
4. Why didn’t she report to the Police as soon as she could?
5. Where does Nnaemeka work?
6. Why did he decide to pick a passenger whose destination he didn’t know at that time 12 (midnight)?
7. Where exactly does he live?
8. Did he drive to the street gate or a house?
9. Why didn’t he raise an alarm after he thought she was speaking to would-be abductors?
10. Why didn’t he report immediately to Taxify, and later to Police?

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