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12 events that changed Funke Akindele’s life for good as she clocks 40

Funke Akindele-Bello is in a good place. The world of the Ikorodu, Lagos-born Law graduate, actress, film maker and entrepreneur is as exciting as it is rewarding.Parading a baby bump, the ambitious and hard working wife of Abdulrasheed Bello, better known as JJC Skillz, has many things going for her.

On her 40th birthday today (Thursday, August 24, 2017), encomium.ng highlights the most important milestones that prepared her for the glory she enjoys as she comes of age.
Here are 12 most significant episodes in her 40 years:

1. I Need to know

Her participation in the well packaged and produced series about adolescents’ challenges opened her eyes to the joys of moving pictures.

The then popular television series was on top of its game, providing its cast and crew a high starting point.

And as one of the stars of ‘I Need to Know’, she couldn’t have been luckier as a novice.


2. Studying Law

In spite of appreciable fame as a damsel, deciding to endure and finish her Law programme at the University of Lagos sharpened her mind.

The rigorous programme elevated her thought process and planted in her the confidence to aim high without feeling inferior.

Though yet to proceed to the Law School, being a graduate of Law counts for a lot.


3. Starting at entry level in Yoruba movie genre 

Despite her relative fame as a youngster, she began afresh in Yoruba genre, taking on waka pass and minor roles, from caucus to caucus, until major roles came.


4. Her film, Ojo Ketala 

Producing her own Yoruba film, with Yinka Quadri as one of the major stars prepared her for the big league.

Ojo Ketala propelled her to dare and dream bigger.


5. Omo Ghetto 

With widely acclaimed Omo Ghetto – parading the heart-thumping opening scene where a necklace was snatched and a furious chase into the underbelly of a slum reeled before our eyes – she was on the rise.

Omo Ghetto was the beginning of a fresh chapter of better things in her life.


6. Jenifa, the movie 

The hilariously addictive character, Jenifa brought Funke Akindele the much needed break. It was the game changer that catapulted her world to higher pedestal.

The two part movie gave her enough mileage that she became a must-have at events.


7. English movies 

Her decision to smoothly ease back into English movies showed how talented she is.

And her sojourn as a bankable actress saw more money in her pouch.


8. Mixing well with the cream of entertainment and high society 

Fame was exploited well as the actress mixed well with other entertainers across sectors and participated in events across borders.

Her profile was elevated to the top of the league, nestling with the high up and rubbing shoulders with politicos and socialites.


9. Glo endorsement 

The millions from Glo, and the exposure by the brand, was everything any artist needed.

The validation was invaluable. And her life hasn’t been the same.


10. Jenifa, the television series 

The metamorphosis of Jenifa to a television series was a display of acumen we enjoy serenading.

On prime time television, the character mesmerised viewers and recorded the thespian as a thinking entrepreneur.


11. Walking away from an ill-fated marriage 

Her ill-fated marriage to Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede was a misadventure she quickly recovered from.

Walking away, in spite of the shame and ridicule the wedlock generated, was a masterstroke.

Like most deep people, she cut her losses, dusted her dirty linen and started afresh. She ignored the jibes and jokes to focus on her next exploit.


12. Meeting and marrying JJC Skillz

Meeting the musician and producer, discountenancing his baggage as a serial baby daddy and marrying him on August 23, 2016, in London has paid off. Both are good together and reaping benefits from the wedlock and business association.

Mr and Mrs Bello are happy and reportedly expecting twins.



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