13 years after marriage Goge Africa’s Nneka Moses delivers baby boy + ‘Real reason we named him Kamara’

CELEBRITY couple and presenters of Goge Africa, a popular tourism programme on TV, Isaac and Nneka Moses, have been blessed with a baby boy after waiting for over 13 years.  The newest mother, Nneka put to bed in the night of Tuesday, February 21, 2012, at their Lagos home.  Thereafter, the highly elated father, Isaac who was present during his wife’s child labour, posted the news of the arrival of their bundle of joy on social networking site, Facebook, saying, “All honour and glory to God; my wife has delivered a beautiful baby boy.  And just looking at him, I realized he is worth the long wait.  So, welcome baby Kamara Isaac Moses.”

The baby, we learnt, has a striking resemblance of his father, Isaac and this, we gathered, has made the popular TV presenter excited and very joyous at the moment.

Apart from posting the news on social network, Moses, we also gathered, has started celebrating the arrival of the tiny tot with some of his friends and colleagues.

Industry sources disclosed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that the mother and the baby, Kamara are in good condition.  This was also corroborated when the elated father spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, February 26, 2012.  He also revealed the real reason he named the baby, Kamara.


How are you feeling right now?

Wow…I feel like a million dollars.

Tell us how you received the news.

I didn’t receive the news because I was there all through.  So, it’s not like anybody told me.  I was there when she put to bed.  I broke the news.

Why did you name him Kamara?

Kamara is an Igbo name and it means God knows best.  We call him Baby Kamara Isaac Moses because only God knows why He’s giving us a baby now.

It’s almost 13 years of marriage and no issue, did you at a time regret getting married to your wife?

No!  Marriage is not strictly about having a baby.  It’s about relationship, companionship and along the line, babies come sometimes, and sometimes, they didn’t. There are lots of people that have children but no happy home or good relationship, but ours is not like that.  We’ve lived together in peace, hoping that God will one day answer us, and He has always been there for us. I think the idea is that it takes time before God answers prayers because a lot of people are demanding for one thing or the other.  Only Him knows the appropriate time.

What’s your advice to couples who are looking unto God for such favour?

Just trust in God because when all things fail, God never fails.  So, I will say they should put their trust in God and I am sure He will do their wishes.

How is the mother and the baby doing?

They are doing great, just that the baby is not always allowing us to sleep at night at times.  We thank God for everything, that’s what we want.

When is the christening and the party?

We’ve not fixed any date.  When the party time is due, I will let everybody know.  There are procedures for everything and you know how we do things in Igbo land.  My folks will come and we finalise all the arrangements for the christening and the party.

Where was the baby delivered?

The baby was delivered at a nearby hospital.  I don’t actually want to give a name but somewhere close to us in Lagos.  We were supposed to travel to the US but we didn’t go again because we were unaware that it would be too early.  So, I didn’t want to name any hospital.

Was the labour difficult?

Not really, but you know how it feels when a woman said she’s feeling pains at her stomach and we decided to go to the nearest hospital and she put to bed.  It was not a difficult labour at all.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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