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16 questions Olori Wuraola needs to answer now!

The sudden announcement by Olori Wuraola Zaynab Otiti Ogunwusi on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, morning that her 16-month union to the Ooni of Ife (Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi) had collapsed left many questions unanswered. Tales of the marital mess escaped onto the internet on Monday, August 14, but details about the reasons for the crash and events that led to her moving out of the palace are still missing.

Following encomium.ng’s interview on Tuesday, August 29, with the stunning Queen where she spoke about her Give Back concert and marriage challenges, we had thought she would grant us an interview. 

Efforts to get her to speak since then have been unfruitful. 

But we can’t wait for her to answer these 16 questions which will clarify a lot of the gray areas in the riveting saga.
Here are 16 questions that will illuminate more how the 16-month royal wedding became troubled as compiled by encomium.ng:

1. Was she in a marriage with Lebanese businessman (Elie Khouri) at the time she met and married Ooni? 
2. Was she properly separated or divorced from the wedlock with the Lebanese before the nuptials of Saturday, March 12, 2016?
3. Was she pregnant with twins for the Lebanese?
4. When and how exactly did she meet the King? In Lagos, Ile Ife? Did the oracles actually pick her? Is Wuraola really her name?
5. Was she ever pregnant and experienced a miscarriage in the palace?
6. Did they actually stop sharing the same bed towards the end of 2016?
7. Did she move to another bedroom in the palace when the bickering started?
8. Was there an agreement that she’d be the only wife? How was the agreement reached? What led to such a decision that the Ooni would have only one wife?
9. Did she leave the marriage poorer, and is it true that she spent more than N150 million of her own money in the 16-month union?
10. When and how exactly did the marriage become irreparable? What was the major cause of disaffection?
11. When and why was she given a 30-day ultimatum to move out of the palace and pack her ‘belongings’?
12. Who among their family members waded in to arrest the marriage crisis? And who are the respected elders approached to calm nerves?
13. Why was she not on good terms with Baba Oba Aderopo Ogunwusi and Ooni’s sisters? When and what led to falling out of their favours?
14. Did she actually buy the $25,000 gold and white bedroom set from Lebanon that’s still in the palace?
15. Can she give us a glimpse into her birth, childhood, education and career? 
16. Will she reconsider her position and move back to the palace? Or there’s no going back? Under what conditions can she move back?


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