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20s is the peak of happiness in life

Researchers have identified the 20s as the period when man is at his happiest with less worries over job, finance, housing and the rest. 

At the Australian Social Policy Conference, Dr. Ioana Ramia, from the University of New South Wales, said, ‘Satisfaction over life decreases from the early 20s, plateaus for about 40 years and then increases from about 65 up.’

Happiness in life is said to take a U-shaped curve. The 20s is said to be the peak, while the middle age has lower life satisfaction and dips into a plateau befuddled with employment opportunities and financial situation, when ‘money and… jobs matter most.’ 

‘At this time, happiness is at its lowest and it only starts to increase when people start focusing on other things, like their free time,’ Dr. Ramia said.

A turn-around comes at 65 when retirement looms and happiness increases reaching its peak at 80.

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