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3 mistakes in Saraki’s talk-of-the-town wedding

In spite of the interest the wedding of the first daughter of Nigeria’s number three citizen has generated, the public is still at sea about many things.
Senate President Bukola Saraki and his family are treating Nigerians with disdain, leaving us all to speculate about the nuptials of Halimat Oluwatosin Saraki and Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya which kicked off with an introduction in Ilorin (Kwara state) on Saturday, October 21.
Unlike other democracies where political office holders, through the press, inform the public of this kind of events, we practically know little about this wedding.
The office of the Senate President has refused to correct the mistakes almost a week after the first leg of the ceremonies was staged.

Here are the three mistakes in this talk of the town wedding as compiled by encomium.ng:

1. Not introducing the couple and officially announcing the wedding
In civilized climes, the bride and groom would have been officially introduced with details of their profiles in public domain.
We would have been told about their birth and background, schools and careers. And the wedding details.

2. Official photographs unavailable
Official portraits of the couple would have been distributed.
Long before the ceremonies, the press would have the photographs of Tosin and Niyi.

3. Introduction photographs and press statement unavailable
Official pictures and press statement about the Ilorin introduction are not available, lending some secrecy to the ceremony.
Pictures so far released are from social media pages of those who attended.

Excuses that the wedding is a private affair can’t be sustained as the office of the Senate President is so public that the only thing private about the life of Dr Bukola Saraki is what happens in his bedroom!



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