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3 reasons you should never bleach -Skin therapists, doctors warn (2)

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Popular skin bleaching agents

There are different products used by different women for bleaching the skin, ENCOMIUM Weekly did a research on the most popular skin bleaching agents. Most of the skin whitening treatments act by blocking melanin production.

Their main action is to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Several treatments use a combination of gels or lotions.

  • Tura soap
  • Glutathione ( pills and injection)
  • Funbact A (continous usage)
  • Mixture of funbact A, Skinneal, Gycerin, and vitamin capsules
  • Black and white cream
  • Ghana pink soap
  • Caroline (cream)
  • Make me white (cream)
  • Hypo/Jik
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
  • Fair & Brite Lightening Cream
  • Carrotte Whitening Serum
  • Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream
  • QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk



In a quest to further let people, especially women know the dangers of bleaching, ENCOMIUM Weekly also went ahead to speak with doctors on the downside of skin bleaching.


What are the dangers of bleaching?

It depends on the chemical they used. The popular one is hydroqui-none. Such a chemical is dangerous to the body. For those who bleach, they may have wounds that will not heal. They risk having skin cancer. The chemical can damage the kidney and liver. They are prone to all sorts of complications. There are some chemicals that are antioxidant, such are not dangerous to the skin.



What are the dangers of bleaching?

Bleaching can cause cancer, it can damage the skin. When such people undergo surgery, their stitchure used to tear or the skin could be cutting off.



What are the dangers of bleaching?

Women generally need to understand the dangers of bleaching. In the quest to be light and maybe more beautiful, ladies use all sorts of chemicals on their skin, forgetting that the skin is very tender. Skin bleaching has major dangers, but the most deadly is the cancer of the skin, and also there’s a level to which a skin will be bleached and it becomes really soft just like a piece of turkey.

Sometime ago, a lady had an accident and her skin had to be stitched, unfortunately her skin could not be stitched because of the terrible effect of bleaching. The more we tried to stitch the more her skin peeled off. We had to refer her to another specialist.



What are the dangers of bleaching?

The dangers of skin bleaching are numerous. They range from kidney diseases to skin cancer, as some of the dangerous chemicals are highly toxic. Some of the adverse effects they have on the skin aren’t always immediate, they take a while to manifest, and when they do, it’s usually terrible.



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