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3 ways rumour of alleged adultery with Ronke Shonde will taint Kayode Oluokun for a long time

Already the social media is ablaze, absolving and condemning Kayode Eyitayo Oluokun, the suspected lover of late Ronke Shonde, 36 year old mother of two children married to Lekan, 51.

The tale of an alleged adultery as claimed by Lekan Shonde who fingered Kayode, and mentioned that his wife and her lover spent four nights in the same hotel room in Abuja, is worrisome and burdensome. He even went further to say Kayode apologized to him on phone. But his accounts have been rubbished by the Bewajis, Lekan’s in laws who painted him as a jealous, insecure and recklessly violent man.

Unless he’s cleared by police, Kayode can’t wipe himself clean of the allegation. In cases of adultery, only the two parties involved are in the know for sure; unless there is evidence, like pictures and videos or conversations of the lovers.

For many years, Kayode will be the subject of suspicion.

Here are three ways the rumors of the allegations will taint Kayode for a long time…


  1. His wife and family will have their doubts

Kayode’s wife and his immediate and extended family will have their doubts about his innocence. And no matter his explanations, no one will totally believe him. Unless he has documents, many messages and chats that show either of them refused the liaison. Like, ‘l wish l could date you. I wish we could be lovers. I cannot date someone married, etc…’


  1. Colleagues will forever suspect him

His colleagues will always suspect that there was something between them. They were close, no doubt. But no one can swear that their relationship was platonic.


3.The reading public will always bring up the saga when they come across him

Whenever he introduces himself, the question will be : what exactly was between you and Ronke? And no matter his response, the suspicion of an illicit dalliance will be strong.

Right now, Nigerians are eagerly awaiting information from the police concerning Kayode. He has a date with the homicide department of the police at Panti, Yaba, Lagos this week. If they issue a public statement and absolve him of an affair ( which is beyond the case of death and causes), it would be easier for him to walk with his head raised high.



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