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4 masterstrokes in Saraki’s talk-of-the-town wedding

The wedding of Halimat Oluwatosin Saraki and Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya has been elevated to a 7-star fete in three cities with high octane elements.
From Ilorin (Kwara state) on Saturday, October 21, to Lagos on Saturday, October 28, and Abuja on December 7 – 9, 2017, high society is promised heart-thumping ceremonies they won’t forget easily.
Senate President Bukola Saraki, wife (the delectable Toyin Saraki) and their in-laws succeeded in using 4 masterstrokes to separate the nuptials as compiled by

1. Events in three cities
Introduction on October 21 in Ilorin (Kwara state), traditional engagement on October 28 in Lagos and white wedding in Abuja (December 7 – 9) take the parties to the people that mean the world to the families.
With a political base in Kwara where he was a two-term governor and now a senator representing Kwara central, not hosting a gig there would be insensitive.
And Lagos, the homestead of the Ojoras (the Otunba Adekunle and Erelu Ojuolape), grandparents of the bride, the business base of the Sarakis and Olukoyas (Omoba Adekola and Olori Adetokunbo) will host the engagement.
Abuja, the political capital of Nigeria where the number 3 citizen has called home since 2011, is where the ceremonies will climax.

2. Enough spaces between ceremonies
A week interval between introduction and engagement, and more than a month before white wedding allow enough room to catch breaths and re-strategize.
Even guests have enough time to decide how they want to participate.
You can even pick and choose the shindig to grace.

3. Shunning destination wedding
The bride and her groom strategically shunned a destination wedding which would have robbed Nigeria of the glitz and money splashed elsewhere.
And this singular decision added glitz to the ceremonies as more colourful compatriots participate.
Instead of not more than a hundred guests abroad, the events here will record a couple of thousands.

4. Parading three aso ebis
Guests who grace the three major ceremonies pick up three aso ebis. And these ensembles are for those with deep pockets.
Apart from the cost of the fabrics, tailors will pocket huge sums. And we are not talking about the accessories.
Don’t forget additional cost of moving to these cities and staying in befitting accommodation not to talk of other logistics.



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