4 top up and coming Yoruba actresses: Temitope Solaj

UNDOUBTEDLY, the Yoruba genre of Nollywood is filled with talents and intelligent people to be reckoned with.  By all indications, they’ve honed their skills and taken their jobs a notch higher.

ENCOMIUM Weekly brings to the table four top up and coming thespians of the Yoruba movie genre, how and when they started out and where they are headed.


‘No matter how long the road, it will lead to your destination’ – Temitope Solaj

Temitope Solaja is an actress who started in a movie entitled, Bamitale and many more.  The beautiful actress had her own movie entitled, Aruga, which stars a lot of top actors and actresses.  She is also one of the happening girls in the industry.


Can you please tell us about yourself?

1-IMG_9041My name is Temitope Solaja from Sagamu, Ogun State.  I am the first child of my parents.

How did your journey into Nollywood start?

I started acting since 2008, when Afeez Eniola and co came to my school to shoot a movie entitled, Bamitale.  They needed a fair lady and I was called to do it, but before then acting happened to be my dream.  Since then, I have been in the movie industry.

How has the experience been?

It has not been easy though because I was in 100 level in the university then and I was combining acting with my school activities.  So, I really went through a lot. That’s why I always say no matter how long the road might be, it will lead you to your destination.

Can you tell us some of the film you have featured in?

I have acted in several movies which I can’t even remember. Some of them are Bamitale, Opolo, Idemu Ojo kan, The Antique, Adajo Aiye, Kudi Klepto, Bella, Firepemi, Aruga, Darasimi, Awelewa, Orente and many more.

Which movie shot you to limelight?

Bamitale and Opolo.  Opolo was the main movie that shot me to limelight because I played a sub-lead role and that was 2009/2010 produced by Sola Akintunde Lagata.

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

For now I am not facing any challenges because I have overcame my problem and fear back then.  Today, I am grateful to Almighty God because He is the foundation of everything and He has been faithful to me.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I would be everywhere and would be a role model to the world because by then I believe I will be an international icon in the movie industry.  And by then, I will also be a wonderful mother.

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