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5 hottest actors on their good fortunes – IK Ogbonna


Ikechukwu Ogbonna is the newest bad boy in Nollywood. The actor cum model is handsome, sexy, light skinned and also a dandy. IK Ogbonna, who got married to his Colombian girlfriend, Sonia on June 29, 2015, at a court house in Belgrade, Serbia is also one of the young and vibrant actors rocking the movie industry…


How would you describe 2015 career wise?

I thank God, it’s been a great year of both personal and career growth. I have love for my growing fans who appreciate my work and the effort I put in to grow stronger as an artist daily. The journey ahead is tasking but it’s one that I am fully charged up for. Different awards and nominations are coming my way as a proof of prosperity and progress of my career. In fact , I just recently picked up The Most Outstanding Actor Award at the Abuja International Film Festival (AIFF). Feels good to know that hard work pays off, I must say I am blessed and above all humbly grateful from the bottom of my heart.

How many movies have you featured in this year, can you mention some?

I have seriously lost count. But I am pretty sure I have featured in well over 35 movies. I have been literally shooting back to back for few months. Let me name you some: For the wrong reasons, Derailed, Schemers, Ghana must go, Prenup, Open marriage, Stop, On a trip, Two Wrongs, Tolandarn, Abduction, How not to fall in love, Triangle and much more.

What should your fans expect in 2016?

More , more work and a lot of amazing movies! It’s going to be a great year, by His grace. I will surprise you a lot, I promise. You will see different sides of IK, it might be a bit shocking and too unusual from how you all used to see me in all my movies. I am getting involved in production as well.

I am also working on establishing a few with the support of some great people and get few youths off the street and give them opportunity and chance they need to express their talents, passion and build a better future for themselves. God bless you all!


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