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8 dramatic episodes that will dominate Lekan Shonde’s trial

In the long trial Nigerians would follow keenly, then later lose interest in, until the day judgement will be delivered, many dramatic episodes are lined up. This trial of culpable homicide against Lekan Shonde will parade many highlights.
We have seen over the years how these trials unfold and play out.

But here are eight highlights you should note…

1. Many lawyers will show up to defend him at first, but the number will dwindle after the uproar subsides
The initial attention the trial attracts will see an assemblage of lawyers promising to defend the innocent-until-proven-guilty suspect. They will holler, shout and drown us with talk of access to his lawyers, free trial and more. But as our attention is drawn away by another drama, they will begin to fade.

2. Government lawyers may defend him, after money fizzles
As the money the lawyers want begin to be hard to come by, excuses that the trial is too long drawn and tiring will become a song. Lekan Shonde may eventually depend on government lawyers, or one paid for by the government.

3. He will hug his bible
As he appears in court, his bible will constantly be in his hands. That is one of the things he can hold on to. Day after day during the trial as he changes from one attire to another, the bible will be his dependable companion.

4. He will constantly proclaim innocence
No matter the evidence against him, Shonde will repeatedly proclaim his innocence. He will tell us he had no hand in Ronke’s death. Many fantastic scenarios will be painted…until judgement is delivered.

5. He will go on hunger strike, lose and gain weight
During the trial, he will go on hunger strike, starve and lose weight. He will regain the weight and later stabilize once he realizes that he cannot escape trial.

6. He will be very sick, feign illness and demand transfer to a hospital
Sickness, from thinking too much, being in prison, losing his freedom and uncertain future will take their toll. He will be depressed, suffer mental health issues. The lawyers will demand transfer to a hospital.

7. On suicide watch
Many times, he will try to harm himself, threaten to commit suicide. So, he will constantly be on suicide watch. Psychologists and psycho- analysts will become his friends. He has to be brought back to good mental health.

8. He will be deserted by friends and relatives
As the trial becomes tiresome, the footfall at the prison and court will dwindle. His friends will invent excuses why they cannot visit as often, family will draw up a long list of things diverting their attention. After some months, he will practically be on his own. Only a few reliable, dependable friends and family members will be left.



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