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8 free pr advice to reverse Ooni’s marital troubles’ damages

Public relations big players are weeping that the Oonirisa is a victim of unpalatable stories as his marital troubles become a high octane celebration in public space!Neither reined nor bridled, tales of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi’s now ill-fated 16-month union with Her Highness Zaynab Otiti Obanor (who used to be known and addressed as Olori Wuraola Zaynab Ogunwusi) are everywhere.

There’s no conscious effort to arrest the rumours or present the facts as sensational versions fly afield.

For more than three weeks since August 14, 2017, colourful narratives have taken wings on the saga with twists and turns.

And alarmed at the seeming helplessness in this modern age where the British monarchy is this week enjoying good PR following the third pregnancy of Princess Kate, wife of Prince William, and the public romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, experts are offering free advice to the palace of Oonirisa in Ile Ife (Osun state).
Here are 8 pieces of advice offered free as compiled by encomium.ng:
1. The first step is a ceasefire as truce is discussed by the Ooni and his now estranged wife.

Elders and respectable Nigerians must be approached to wade in.

It’s clear that the stories are being coloured by insiders close to both parties. And once a meeting is initiated, the way forward is simple.
2. The next step is amicable separation or reconciliation. 

Details of the terms of separation or reconciliation must be built on the foundation of fairness.

The throne is too revered to be a subject of uncontrolled rumours. And the foundation of peace is fairness.

Each party’s grievances must be addressed and resolved.
3. A joint statement is thereafter issued on the decision of the royal couple. 

The statement is short and straight to the point.

It announces amicable separation or reconciliation, and pleads for understanding.
4. A PR company must be engaged to chart the public engagements of the King. 

The world is far advanced for the monarchy not to be consciously managed and charted.

A detailed public relations programme must be initiated, discussed, executed and measured.

(See how the British monarchy quickly announced Kate’s third pregnancy when she missed a public engagement following acute morning sickness!)
5. Lavishly promote the positive engagements of the King. 

There are many programmes and activities the King is engaged in, but they are generally unpublicised.

These activities need concerted publicity to show the new wave of development engineered by the palace.
6. Journalists and influencers must be courted.

That’s the way it works!

With many friends in the media, the King will have the right of reply, and given opportunity to explain his side.

Once he knows journalists whom he regularly interacts with, he’s accorded the right to respond to all allegations!
7. Look for a scandal free damsel(s) whose background is thoroughly investigated. 

The Ooni must have a wife or wives. So, the new Olori should be painstakingly chosen as she’s later officially introduced.

That’s how it’s done now!
8. Websites of the Oonirisa should be updated. 

With personal details including his daughter’s and now ill-fated unions.

Secrets lead to rumours and speculations.

Only truth can withstand tall tales…



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