Ace comedian, Tee A opens up on life at 40 – Talks about his new mission

DSC_0073-001How would you rate the entertainment industry?

We have negotiated some very good bends and we are only looking upwards.  It is very physical to see that the African/Nigerian entertainment scene has grown very wide within five years.  Also, there is an upward search for African entertainment.

How would you rate your career over the years?

I would say, I have tried my best to remain relevant for almost 20 years now and still counting.  I can only thank God for His grace to remain relevant in this field.

In 20 years, what are the challenges?

The same challenges of the economy by trying to move from just being an entertainer or an artiste into a businessman, trying to structure as an entrepreneur.  So, for me, you face the same challenges regular entrepreneurs face.  Even with all the challenges, we thank God for the success I have recorded so far.

You clocked 40 last year, how did you celebrate life at 40?

All I ever wanted at 40 was a very quiet birthday and that was what I got.  Despite all that, some of my friends planned to surprise me, I still managed to have my very quiet birthday.  There was no party.  I was just in the house where friends and family came to wish me well.  I was also at the office that day as well.  It was just a regular day except that there was food and drinks flying around.

What is likely to change about you at this age?

I am very health conscious now. I have also found out that I have been advising people a lot more.  I think I just want to be there for people and for humanity as much as I can be in any way I can help everyone that crosses my path just to be of great service because that is all that matters to me at this point of my life.  Unlike the previous years when I party, performed and made money.  Right now, I would say I feel more responsible to people not just my family and friends.

Life begins at 40, what should people look out for in you?

The thing about me is that at any point in time or stage in my career, I try to reinvent myself and that will not stop.  I would definitely be doing a couple of new things.  Although some of them are still under wraps, there would be a couple of new things.

How do you juggle family and career?

Family time is sacrosanct and so is performance time.  They all have their separate times.  Even the Bible says, ‘Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God.’

If you were to quit what you are doing now, what would you rather do and why?

I definitely would be in business because my head spins business and I am able to see opportunities.  I desire an opportunity to start up new ideas and watch them grow.  So, I might go into the serious side of business.

How do you handle female admirers?

That a female fan comes to your does not mean she’s throwing herself at you.  80 per cent of them are genuine fans who just appreciate your work.  Sometimes, artistes get it twisted.

What happens if you throw a joke and the audience don’t laugh?

The easiest thing for me to do is to read the mood of the audience.  There is so much more to being a comedian.  For me, every human is funny at one point in time but what differentiates a professional comedian from every other person is the ability to study his audience and know what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

Have you always wanted to do comedy?

It has always been comedy, television production from the outset.  Just like I structured my office, the clients’ office, the production studio and the editing studio.  I have not tried to do something else, until I set up a restaurant few years back.



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