Actor IBRAHIM CHATTA debunks troubled marriage tale -‘I am still married to Salamotu,’ he insists


YORUBA actor, Ibrahim Chatta has said that his marriage to Salamotu, daughter of Kwara Senator (Shaba Lafiaji) has not collapsed.  The role interpreter insisted his marriage contracted with Salamotu Lafiaji is still very much intact, irrespective of what is being bandied around.

Ibrahim Chatta, an award winning actor, spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, February 7, 2014, on the tale.  “It’s not true. I have also read it and I am not happy about it.  I am still married to my wife, Salamotu.  I love her and she loves me too.  We are Muslims, our marriage was done in Nikkai and in Nikkai, once it is done, it is for life.  No room for separation.”

On why such news would be spreading around town, there must be an atom of truth in it, Ibrahim spoke further: “I don’t really know. Those are signs that I will become great.  It is one of those challenges one faces as a celebrity.  The ground given for our separation did not hold any water at all, because this is a woman who knew where I was staying before she agreed to marry me.  At least, we courted for sometime before we got married.  Those spreading the rumour are just being mischievous.  My marriage is intact.”

However, contrary to the picture Mr. Chatta painted, the tale has it that the less than one year marriage has collapsed irretrievably with both parties going their separate ways.  It was alleged that Salamotu Lafiaji, daughter of Senator Mohammed Shaaba Lafiaji had moved out of the Ikotun, Lagos home they were staying because of the deplorable condition of the place.  She (Salamotu), who is from a wealthy background, is said not to be too comfortable with the living condition of Ibrahim’s rented flat in Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos.  Her mother who reportedly came visiting the couple was also not too pleased with where her daughter resides with her husband.  The reason the tall and beautiful Salamotu relocated to her parents’ home in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Ibrahim Chatta and Salamotu became man and wife via a Nikkai ceremony held on April 12, 2013, at Senator Shaaba Lafiaji’s Ilorin, Kwara ohme. They had their traditional marriage on December 30, 2012, also in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The ceremony came up years after Ibrahim Chatta parted ways with Olayinka Solomon, mother of his baby boy, Malik.  Both Ibrahim and Olayinka went their separate ways on the allegation of irreconcilable differences.

Olayinka, who has moved on, alleged Ibrahim, during their stay together, turned her into a punching bag.  According to her, “He (Ibrahim) never cared for our baby. He beats me at will.  I have decided to move on and wish him all the best in his new marriage.”

Some people have expressed their opinion about Ibrahim’s choice of Salamotu, arguing that the actor is a gold digger because of the rich background of Salamotu.  But the actor replied that his new wife is his true love.  “I am not a gold digger.  I love Salamotu and we are meant for each other,” he told ENCOMIUM Weekly in 2013.



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