Actress Adeola Adelowotan refutes marriage break-up take: ‘We have signed a life contract’

GORGEOUS actress cum film maker, Adeola Adelowotan, otherwise known as Iya Ibeji, has rubbished the tale that she has called it quits with her husband and father of her four children.  The UK returnee expressed total dismay about the tale, describing it as nothing but a useless rumour.

The pretty thespian opened up on this and more when ENCOMIUM Weekly cornered her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos on Friday, May 1, 2015…

It’s been long we heard about you, what’s really happening to your career?

10536915_279785942208553_68197751673603099_nNothing much.  My career is alright.  I am doing well.  I still remain my versatile self, Adeola Adelowotan, and I thank God for being there for me all the time.  I have two movies coming soon, Mase and Temi ni mose.  They are wonderful movies.  I am very sure they are the kind of movies people will not only like to watch but keep for others to watch as well because of the lessons from them.  The two movies are quality jobs from my stable and I spent a lot on them.

Who are the stars in Mase?

I have Antar Laniyan, Yomi Gold, Aina Gold, Liz Da Silva, Mercy Aigbe, Biodun Okeowo, myself and others.

What of the major cast for Temi ni mose?

I have myself, Muka Ray, Iyabo Ojo, Lasun Ray and many others.

How would you rate yourself in the industry right now?

I thank God for everything.  I am still myself, doing very well in the industry.  I am still very relevant.  And I thank God for being recognized in the industry.  Rating or no rating, let’s leave that to the public.

How would you assess the industry at the moment?

We don’t really like the situation of the industry at the moment.  It’s so terrible that people almost run away from the industry.  But in all, we still believe God is going to do something good for us if we don’t relent.  We don’t have any other job but the situation of things is very worrisome.  Piracy has killed the industry.  It has really dampened our morale.  We’re only trying to cope because we don’t have any other trade we can venture into that will match our first love which is movie making.

You have not been featuring in movies recently, why?

Not that I have not been featuring in movies but one has to be selective.  Besides, the rate at which we shoot movies this time around has gone down because of piracy.  No marketer or producer will want to invest in a movie that at the end of the day pirates will hijack the profit.  They are the ones reaping where they don’t sow.  I feature in movies and I am very relevant.  I just finished a job while I still have few other scripts I am attending to. The situation of things in the industry is generally bad, but we believe God will change the whole system for the better soon.

But there was a tale sometime ago that your husband banned you from acting, how true is it?

No, there is nothing like that.  My husband didn’t stop me from acting.  I am still acting and my husband is okay with my status in the industry.  And he understands the nature of my job and is very supportive.

But recently, some people said you have separated from your husband and your career was cited as one of the reasons.

I told you, I don’t have any problem with my husband.  My husband stays in the UK but he’s around now.  I never had any problem with him.  I have not separated from him.  My marriage is intact.  We signed a lift contract.  I can’t part ways with my husband because he is the only love of my life. I can’t leave him and he can’t as well leave me. I have gotten four children for him.  So, I don’t know why some people enjoy peddling unnecessary rumour.

You’re in your early 40s but that doesn’t tell on your looks.  What’s the secret of your beauty?

It’s God first.  Then taking good care of myself coupled with the fact that I have a caring husband.

How is life generally?

It’s cool.  Life is treating me fine, and I am also reciprocating.


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