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Actress Grace Amah reveals plan to marry the father of her baby

SULTRY actress Grace Amah commands so much respect in the industry.  Though she was off the radar for the past years, she seems ready to reinstate herself in the industry.  In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she explained her hope to tie the knots with the father of her baby boy and also relaunch her career.


What does stardom mean to you?

Stardom means a lot to me. I see stardom as a point when you are noticed and appreciated for what you do.

Have you not been lucky as a movie star?

Yes, I am lucky because it is good that people know and appreciate me even outside the shores of the country.

What has stardom negatively done to Grace Amah?

I think that is the price one has to pay for being a star.  Sometimes, I feel so bad not for being an actor, I am someone that doesn’t like negative things around me.  When I hear negative things about me, I feel so bad.  But so far I have decided to take them as part of those things one has to encounter when rising.

Can you recollect any specific experience as a star?

Like I said, getting to read negative articles those that are not part of me, something I didn’t do which are attributed to me definitely makes me feel bad.

Is there anything stardom has not done for Grace Amah?

There is nothing.

What more would you want from being a star?

I want to be known for my goodness, not just for acting but impacting on people. Now that I am getting something from my fans, I want to give back to the society when the time comes.

grace-amah-picYou are fully back to the industry, what have you done since you returned?

Since I came back I have tried to put one or two things together, I am settling down.  I left the country and came back double (laughs).  Double in the sense that I came back with my child.  I have been doing one or two jobs that will relaunch me.

What has changed from the time you were out and now that you are back?

Nothing, really.

Was it same way you left it, you met it?

No, it’s definitely not the same movie industry I came back to meet.  I have realized a lot of things had changed.  There are new artists, a lot of things are going on in the industry that I am not too pleased with.  So things have really changed.

What really makes Grace Amah tick?

It’s God.

Other than God?

When you are humble you will go a long way.  I try to bring myself low for people to see me as someone they can interact with all the time.

Where have you always wanted to be apart from acting?

I have always wanted to be in the church.  By God’s grace, I hope it gets to a time when I would be able to go back to church.

What were the challenges getting to the top?

Negative stories, people don’t just appreciate you for who you are, you don’t get what you really want.  Some people feel you have to give what you have to get what you want.  I don’t believe in such philosophy.  I know I have something that really should be appreciated.

What should one do to succeed as an actor?

You should be prayerful, hard working and focused.  Above all, not desperate.  But unfortunately, a lot of upcoming artists are so desperate to get to the top without following due process.

How do you balance acting on TV series and acting in movies?

I balance it well. I don’t allow them to clash.  When I have TV series, I do it well, likewise movie role.  I don’t allow them to clash.  For me, I know when I am free or not free to take up a role.

What are the challenges of doing TV series and movies?

They are time consuming. I feel that series and soaps are more time consuming.  When you look at the content of the movie, you realize that the series are longer.  Meanwhile, series are seen by a larger audience than movies.  There are some movies that are not even seen by the public.

Do you have any memory of stage fright?

It was back then in the university. I was supposed to be a lead role in a stage play organized for a project.  When I got on stage, I actually forgot my lines because I wasn’t composed, which happens sometimes and you lose balance.  It is particularly bad because unlike movies where you can cut unwanted scenes, when you are on stage you can’t take it back.

What is the most challenging role you have played?

Any role I take is challenging, I still have many more of these challenging roles to do and I feel I need such roles that will task me and make me go out of my way.

Which is the most challenging role so far?

It’s a movie called Breakaway.

Do you have any plan to get married?

I am going to marry soon.  I am getting married to the father of my baby.

Tell us the challenges of motherhood.

It is time consuming, you have to work and be with him.  So, I am always faced with taking care of him.

What do you appreciate most about having your son?

I am happy he came alive and growing gradually.

What did your man say was his attraction to you?

My style and smile.

How do you feel when you get complements?

I feel great and appreciated.

What is your beauty routine?

Taking proper rest and taking plenty of water.

What is style to you?

Relaxed, beautiful and fit the occasion.

Who are your friends in the industry?

I have few friends but I won’t want to mention their names.

What determines your friends?

Someone who knows me, who can defend me when the need arises.

Have you been lucky with your friends?


Why so and how do you feel?

Some of them hurt you and you feel very bad.

What do you want from God?

I want God’s blessing and favour.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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