Actress Portia Yamahan speaks passionately on the joys of marriage and motherhood

Some years back actress Portia Yamahan travelled abroad, she got married to an American (Aaron J Peck) some time last year and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about her sojourn in the States, marriage, motherhood and lots more…

Congratulations, we learnt you are now married, how does it feel?

Thanks! It feels beautiful to have someone who sincerely loves and appreciate you. It is a blessing. I thank God for it.

...with hubby

…with hubby

How did your path and his cross?

We met here in the States.

What was the attraction?

His good looks, positive energy and he is a man of intellect.

Can you tell s about him?

My husband is mine to love and cherish and not to share with the world and on that note, I will only say he is an American.

How are you coping with marrying a non Christian?

It is nothing different from marrying a Nigerian.

What are the challenges of a cross cultural marriage?

I don’t see or rather know about challenges, what I know is a successful relationship, you need friendship, communication and tolerance.

We learnt you are now a mother too, how does it feel?

It is indeed an awesome feeling and I must say I am very protective of my family.

What is the best thing about being a mother?

Everything! The unconditional love you get is priceless.

What went through your mind when your baby was placed in your hands?

I don’t think the emotions can be described in words. I forgot everything my body had been through, it was a beautiful moment.

Why did you marry an American, was it that Nigerians were not proposing?

I married the man I love because love sees no race, ethnicity or colour.

What has changed about you?

Nothing has changed only that I now have a permanent role of wife and mother.

What has been happening to your acting career since you left?

I might have gone quiet for now but that doesn’t mean I quit. Spending every moment with my baby and husband has been keeping me busy.


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