Actress Tanwa Balogun refutes dating Epsalum boss, Kazeem Afolayan    

Fast rising actress, Tanwa Balogun has denied dating Kazeem Afolayan of Epsalum fame. She added that there’s no iota of truth in the tale. The dark-skinned thespian spoke on this and few other issues including her new television series, Fate in a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, June 20, 2016…


When and how did your journey into acting begin?

My journey into acting started years back through a friend, Kelvin Mike who brought his crew to my street to film. And upon the fact that acting happen to be what I have always loved, I just talked to him and everything started materializing. Since then, I have not looked back.


Kazeem Afolayan    

How would you describe the experience so far?

So far so good, it’s worth the while. Although it has been quite challenging, I give thanks to God for coping very well.

What are the challenges of being in the industry since you started out?

Challenges are many, especially when you want to keep a clean record and balance up because there are always too many misconceptions in the industry. But in all, I thank God for my ability to overcome such challenges at anytime they come.

Tell us about your first day before the camera?

My first day was crazy, the experience was not funny because I didn’t get my lines. I actually started with English movie before I crossed to Yoruba sector.

What was your first appearance in the English movie genre like as compared to what it was in the Yoruba move genre?

My first appearance in English movie was normal but Yoruba as a language that day got me really embarrassed. I was asked to say Nkan ti okan ni sin yi ni, gige akara oyinbo. But then, it was a big deal for me to say it. But gradually, I got used to it.

A lot of your colleagues have confirmed sexual harassment in the industry, do you also have similar experience?

I have never been sexually harassed. So, I can’t say much about that.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am trying to do a lot of things, especially a TV series, Fate. And very soon, everything will be completed. It’s a kind of TV series that will surely make viewers stay glued to their television set.

How would you describe your career at the moment?

It is very marvelous. It’s developing in heaps and bounds. However, I am still working harder to make it bigger than what it is right now. But in all, I give glory to God.

How would you describe the industry now?

To me, the industry is growing. Although, we haven’t got there, I believe with time we shall get there Insha Allah. The major problem the industry is facing is piracy. It’s really killing the business. And that makes it difficult for most movie producers or executive producers to put their money on movies again. People don’t fund movies unlike the good old days when the industry was booming. Most of us have been discouraged by the nefarious activities of pirates but one thing I am sure of is that no matter how hard they try, they can’t send us packing. We just need the support of the government at the centre to prosecute war against piracy. I believe with time everything will stabilize.

There was this tale a couple of years back that you’re dating Epsalum boss, Kazeem Afolayan. Are you still…

(Cuts in) Epsalum how? Please, don’t scatter my relationship. I have never dated Mr. Afolayan. I don’t even know where that came from. We have never been close let alone dating each other.

You said, we should not cause crisis in your home, are you married?

I am not married but I did introduction last year and hope to do the needful any moment from now.



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