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Actress Uche Ogbodo talks about motherhood and her crashed marriage, ‘I’m open to new romance, but I will shine my eyes very well’


UCHE Ogbodo is now a happy mother. She came back a couple of months after giving birth to a baby girl in America. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about motherhood, her failed marriage and sundry issues.


How are you rocking motherhood?

with her baby

with her baby

I don’t know what to say, it is a bit different from my usual life. There is a lot of joy that comes with it. I am very happy more than I have ever been. It is fun, I am rocking it.

What is the best thing about being a mother?

The unconditional love, unquestionable love. This is someone loving you unconditionally. It is quite difficult to explain the love between mother and child.

What went through your mind when your baby was placed in your hands?

All through the pregnancy, I never expected what happened to me. Also, a lot of people have said this and that about labour. All through the experience, it was a mix of emotions. But I felt a lot of joy, relief when she was placed in my hands. I was saying, at least, I won, I made it. I couldn’t cry, I was just listening to her heartbeat. I was interested in hearing the heartbeat because I had some complications. I was praying that nothing will go wrong. I was happy when she was brought out. I didn’t hear her cry immediately. In fact, for a long time. But when I eventually heard, I started crying. The doctors were asking me why but I couldn’t tell them immediately. It was later I realized that it was tears that I had won, that I can now let go eventually.

What sex did you have in mind before your first scan?

The first scan said I had twins but along the way, one did not grow. I had another scan, it was still a boy, then another, it was still a boy not until I got to America. The scans said it was a girl. All through, I was having different dreams. In the dream, it was a baby girl I was seeing. Someone even wanted to give me a baby girl in the dream, but I rejected it. I didn’t buy baby things until I was almost seven months. Even at that, I bought unisex things.

Why the choice of delivering abroad?

It was really not a choice, Nigeria is good, I love my country very much but I needed to rest. I needed to take my mind off a lot of things. I needed to get away from what reminds me of bad memories. I thought of going to South Africa, but later remembered that I had American visa, so I left.

What name did you give her?

Chinagorom, my God fights for me. My God has vindicated me.

Has anything changed about you since then?

I am happy. I am relieved. I have never been more at peace with myself. It was like the pregnancy never happened. I have moved on.

Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo

When are you getting back to work?

I have already started. I am travelling to Germany next week.

Any plan to reconcile with your ex?

Bygone is bygone. I don’t want to talk about it.

How are you coping with motherhood and work?

That last movie I shot was in Lagos. My baby was at home with my mom. I just make sure I come back home as early as possible, but when I am travelling, I will go with her.

What next relationship wise?

I am open to anything. I will be hopeful but I am not ready. I am taking a long break but I wouldn’t close my eye to the possibility of marriage. I will shine my eye very well next time.


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