Aftermath of Star The Winner Is: Naomi Mac quits talent hunt, set to pursue career

Naomi Mac is probably the most experienced contestant at the just concluded Star The Winner Is, having participated in so many talent hunts, including Nigerian Idol, Season 1, where she emerged 1st runner-up. But despite that, she didn’t win the keenly contested game show. She told ENCOMIUM Weekly her next move…

What is your impression about Star The Winner Is?

Star The Winner Is was a great show. It was unique and fantastic. Unlike other shows, it was not a winner takes all. They supported everyone, from the first to the final day. No one went home empty handed except he or she didn’t pick money. It helped me a lot, performance wise, among others. I am a better musician now having gone through the competition.

You didn’t win the N10m. How do you feel?

Actually, I didn’t feel bad because I always see the positive side of everything that happened to me, whether good or bad. Also, I didn’t win the N10m but I won money. At least, I didn’t go home without something. I am grateful to God.

You’ve participated in so many talent hunts. You emerged 1st runner of 2011 Nigerian Idol. Where did you get it wrong because many people believed that your experience could have worked for you?

I don’t really know the criteria but I knew that the votes would be decided by the 101 Jury. I can’t really tell you where I got it wrong, but I did my best. I gave my best performances but that might not be enough for them. It was a great experience for me.

Will you still participate in any talent hunt?

I doubt. I am not going to participate in any talent hunt again. I am not afraid of failure but I think I have grown enough to pursue my career. I am coming out on my own, in a big way. I have recorded some hot singles, it is high time I gave my fans what I have in stock for them. Good music, great performances and many more.

What has really changed about you when you first featured in Nigerian Idol and now?

A lot of the things. First, I have grown (smiles), working on myself to be great, I rehearse more, unlike before, and develop my career. My plan is to become great; a super star; and I am doing everything possible to achieve this. Generally, a lot have changed about me.


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