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‘Age has nothing to do with my love for Hakeem Rahman’ – Deborah Isiomah, Bride

We congratulate you on your wedding today?

Thank you, sir.

How do you feel formalizing your marriage to star actor Hakeem Rahman after all the ups and downs?

I feel great and honoured.

When did the journey as lovers start?

It’s been a while ago.

Hakeem Rahman & Deborah Isiomah

Hakeem Rahman & Deborah Isiomah

Like five or six years ago?

No, just about two years ago.

How did you feel the day he proposed to you?

Honestly, I felt happy. I was like: “Me marrying one of the Nollywood famours actors?” It was like incredible. I feel happy today that it has come to pass.

Coming from the Igbo culture and marrying a Yoruba man, how do you also feel about that?

It’s not a new thing again. Besides, I was born and bred in Lagos. So, I am used to Yoruba culture.

Where are you from exactly?

I am from Delta, Kwale.

How did your parents react to it when they became aware of your relationship with Hakeem Rahman?

They didn’t react badly because they know he’s a good man. So, they’re happy about it.

But there’s a story that you’re too young to have married him considering the age difference?

(Cuts in) Age is just a number. It’s not the real thing in marriage. Age doesn’t determine love.

That means you really love him irrespective of the age difference?

Yes, I love him. He’s a nice and caring man.

But you also accept he’s much older than you?

Yes, I accept. Just like I said, age doesn’t have anything to do with relationship.

We learnt you’re around 19 or 20, what’s your true age?

I am an adult.

You know he has grown up children already? How do you feel about that?

His children and myself are like brothers and sisters. We relate very cordially. We’re one big family. They really want me to come into their family. They really accepted me as one of them.

What’s your wish for this union now?

I pray God will continue to guide us and strengthen us and provide for all our needs.

How many kids do you intend giving him?

Just two, a boy and a girl.

What do you do for a living?

I am a businesswoman, a stylist. But I am still in school, University of Lagos studying Mass Communications.

How are you going to cope marrying a star actor?

I am prepared for that. I will surely cope by God’s grace.


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