Alhaja Mosinot Ogunbadejo’s Funeral Extra: Children serenade dutiful mother


On Sunday, February 26, 2017, the families and Ogunbadejo and Lasisi organized Fidau (special prayer for the deceased) for their aunty, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Alhaja Musinot Aduke Ogunbadejo (Nee Lasisi) who bid this sinful world farewell on Monday, December 12, 2016 after a protracted illness, aged 83. She was buried same day according to Islamic injunctions.

The prayer which held at the Sky Pavillion, Adebola House, Opebi, Lagos, was officiated by Chief Missioner, Jamatul’ Haqq, Ikeja, Lagos, Sheikh M. Subair and was well attended shortly after, was a lavish reception at the same venue which also  attracted dignitaries from different walks of life. And with the legendary juju musician, Admiral Dele Abiodun and his Adawa Super Band on the bandstand, the guests were treated with more than enough dose of good music till the event lasted.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with all the children of the deceased, and they all extolled her virtues, describing her as the best of all mothers.


DSC_0234‘She was a quintessential woman’’- ALHAJI ISIAKA OGUNBADEJO (First son)

We commiserate with you on the death of your mother. How does it feel losing her?

I can’t express my feelings, let me just say that. I came from London in June last year purposely to visit mama and we talked. That’s one thing I am grateful about. I thank God I saw her. I am still feeling the loss. She was a mother in a million.

I can’t say all she had done for us since she gave birth to us. She still remains a wonderful woman in my heart. Your wife can’t be like her, likewise my wife can’t be like. She was a woman whose husband would do whatever he likes and she would never complain.

If any of us complain, she would say what’s our business in the matter between her and her husband. So, that’s just about her. She was such a quintessential woman.

What would you like to remember her for?

I am going to remember her for one thing that I look like her. That’s one and two, I will try and emulate her. She’s a family loving woman who liked looking after her family. If she had not seen someone for a while she would quickly notice, and she would ask of the person.

If she couldn’t visit the person herself, she would send someone to go and find out how the person was faring.

You so much love mama, that means if you had the power you should have delayed her death till the next how many years…

(Cuts in) If I had power, when I came home, I should have asked her to stand up, and we would start walking together. But all power belongs to God.

How do you feel missing her last hours?

I would say, I had no pain because I saw her and I knew she was going to die. The thing was that when I came home, I told her I was going to Hajj. She said, I should not worry, I would go and as God would have, I made it. I am now an Alhaji.

I am very proud today, I made the Hajj and I believe she would also be happy about that wherever she is. May Allah grant her Al-jannah Firdous.

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