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All the intrigues and drama that led to Lekan Shonde’s surrender

For the last four days since the death of his wife Ronke, Lekan Shonde had been in a dilemma. He was as confused as he was traumatized, friends of the alleged wife killer told today ( Monday, May 9,2016).

He was in hiding, running helter skelter, threatening to kill himself.

And information pieced together from Chris Kehinde Nwandu, a popular blogger who was there all through to get the father of two children to surrender, painted a colourful picture of the intrigues.

And today, when he eventually showed up in a hotel in GRA Ikeja, Lagos, accompanied by two of his friends he was distraught and crying.

The friends and Lekan arrived in a hired Honda car at the hotel to meet with Nwandu, who was contacted on Saturday, May 7, by one of Shonde’s friends. They needed a reliable journalist who won’t betray their trust. And for three days they worked on Shonde to surrender.

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He only agreed yesterday (Sunday, May 8), and they showed up at the hotel around 11 am.

While the negotiation was going on and immediately he agreed to turn himself in, the commander of the Rapid Response Squad (Tunji DISU) was informed yesterday, and his men were on stand by.

Shonde, believed to be either 51 or 52, was said to be crying throughout the encounter with Nwandu who interviewed him. In the encounter, he claimed that he never beat his wife, that they had a misunderstanding over her adultery with her boss at the printing company she worked.

Shonde claimed he had incontrovertible evidence of the illicit dalliance.That he eloped upon discovering the corpse in the morning of Friday, May 6.

Shonde had once spoken to his brother where he bragged that he could disappear for 30 years, in his confused state.

From the hotel, he was later taken to the office of RRS commander. He was again moved to the Office of Commissioner of Police (Fatai Owoseni) who transferred the case to homicide department in Panti, Yaba, Lagos.

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