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Amarachukwu and Ugochukwu Nwokolo begin marital journey (3): Bride’s parents

‘My advice to the couple’-Mr. Godwin Chinwuba Okoloekwe, dad

Godwin Chinwuba Okoloekwe is the father of the bride, Amara. And he offered a piece of advice to the newly-wed.

Brides ParentWhat’s your prayer for them?

My prayer is that the blessings of God that follow marriage would abide with them.  God will never stop to bless them.

You’ve been in this institution for many years, what’s your advice for the couple?

They need to be patient.  They also have to endure a lot to make their marriage work.

How would you describe Amara and Ugo?

Very lovely.

Where are you from?

I am from Enugwu-Ukwu in Njkoka Local Government of Anambra State.

What about your in-laws?

They hail from Obosi, also in Anambra State.


‘Amara is a loving and obedient daughter’ –  Mrs. Ifeoma Chinwuba-Okoloekwe, mom

Brides Parent-001WE also spoke with the bride’s mom, Mrs. Ifeoma Grace Chinwuba-Okoloekwe.

What’s your prayer for Ugo and Amara?

It shall be well with them.  Everything good will come with their marriage.

You are really missing your daughter.  What’s special about her?

She’s a loving daughter, a very obedient girl.  I am proud of her.

What’s your impression about your in-law?

God is so wonderful, He decided to put her in a family she would be pampered.

What’s your advice for them?

They should keep on serving God.  They will never fail.  They should not allow anybody to come between them.  They should create their own world.


‘They should devise their love formular’ -Chief Emma Bishop Okonkwo

ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke with some of the moguls at the wedding who said a few things about the newly-wed.

DSC_0221Chairman of Ekulo Holdings, Ikenga Ichi Emma Bishop Okonkwo, OFR, spoke glowingly about Amara and Ugo and his relationship with the sponsor, Chief Jonathan Uzor Okafor.

What do you cherish most about the couple?

They have so many things in common.  They are lovable and close to God.

You’ve been in marriage for years, any advice to the couple?

They should have their own formular of married life, because this is an institution that doesn’t have a formular. So, they have to devise theirs.  And by the special grace of God that formular would be emulated by all and sundry.

What about your prayer?

I pray their love lasts forever.  With the love so many other things will come with it, good children, wherewithal to keep the love flourishing.

You are not related to the Nwokolos or the Okoloekwes, what’s your relationship with them?

If you can do business with somebody, he becomes your family.  So, I’m part of the family.

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