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Amusing reactions of Nigerians to Abacha loot


As Nigeria continues to get more funds repatriated from the billions of dollars looted by the late Nigerian dictator, General Sani Abacha, dismayed compatriots cannot stop weighing in on the issue.

While many comments seem to be grateful to the late Abacha for helping Nigeria save for rainy days, others just find it hard to believe that the loot has yet to be completely repatriated despite the large sums already returned. (Read Also: Abacha’s Mind Boggling Loot – How much has been recovered so far)

Nigeria is set to receive a fresh $801 million from the Switzerland and America governments with the United States to return the sum of $480 million while the Swiss government will repatriate $321 million.

Read hilarious tweets on the Abacha loot below…

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