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Anita Hogan speaks on the joys of motherhood

+ I once told my husband that I want ten children 

ACTRESS and Gulder Ultimate Search’s housemate, Anita Hogan is no doubt, in a joyful mood at the moment.  And the reason is obvious.  The ebony actress’ who got married to her Dutch lover, Ted Mak in September 2007, shortly after the public display of their controversial nude pictures, now has every cause to smile as God has just blessed the union with a baby boy christened Munachi Mak.

Anita spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly on her bundle of joy and other issues affecting her career and life recently when we cornered her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos.


Little is heard about you at the moment, career wise, why?

That is true, it is just because I took a break to face my family.  When it comes to family matters, nothing equals it.  So, I just decided to stay back, take care of my home front.  That is necessary because that is the best sacrifice anybody can put into his or her life that will guarantee peace.

How long has that set you back?

It took me not less than one and a half years.

That means throughout the period, you did not feature in any movie, even one?

Yes, you’re right.  I didn’t feature in any movie at all.

That might have affected your career immensely?

The troth of the matter is that I didn’t get any offer throughout the period.  So, I decided to stay back.  This time around, you don’t really wait for the offers to come, you search for them.  Offers are not coming and at the same time, I don’t have the time to search for them because of the stage I am.

All this while were you abroad or you were shuttling?

I shuttle Nigeria and abroad, I wasn’t really staying in one place because of some other things

With the situation of things now, how do you intend regaining your groove?

The problem is that the industry right now is not on a fast track any more.  To be sincere with you, it is taking its time to reorganize, it is passing through what could be described as cleansing period.  So, I think it is better I remain patient and see what is going to come out of the exercise before I know the next stage.

But we learnt you’re contemplating going into fashion stuff?

No, I am not a good and very fantastic dresser.  So, going into fashion will be a waste of resources and time. I am not all that gifted in that area, it can’t be true.

Before the period of restructuring terminates, what would you be doing?

I have things I am working on but I don’t want to disclose my plans yet.  Why I don’t want to talk now on my plans is just because I am yet to concentrate on them. I am still building and investing time into them.  But when the time comes I would unveil the agenda.

Let’s talk about your experience as a mother, pregnancy for nine months was not a joke, how would you describe it?

It was a fantastic one because I had a very wonderful pregnancy, it wasn’t that hectic.

What is the name of the child, we learnt he is a baby boy?

Yes, his name is Munachi Mak.

How would you describe the joys of motherhood?

It is incomparable. It is something you can’t just explain. I think as a human being, there are certain assignments you’re asked to fulfil.  And if you’re privileged to fulfil that of motherhood, you just have a feel that definitely a vacuum has been filled in your life.  This is just a privilege given to you by God, many are looking for it even with all their affluence, they couldn’t get it.  So, why not take your time and take good care of it and be thankful to God.

Back to your acting career, it was rumoured sometime ago that you have abandoned acting for matrimonial assignment…

That is not true, just because there was no job then.  It is a job I do because of the passion I have for it. One is also scared of investing in it because of so many reasons.  One, there is a new rule and standard, if you don’t have up to N10 million or more, you’re not allowed to shoot a movie.  And I don’t know where I will get up to N20 million, invest it in what you’re not even sure of recouping because of the menace of piracy that has spoilt the industry.  Now, we are enjoying the likes of Kunle Afolayan making things happen in the industry at the moment.

How many children were you planning for when you got married?

I was actually planning to have up to ten kids for him (laughs).

But you understand he is a foreigner, how did he react to that when you told him?

Just the way we laughed now.  Honestly, if I had my way, I would give him ten kids. I love children a lot.  He just laughed and said, ‘Crazy woman.’  But if I had my way I would fill my house with children but to be frank with you, I am really satisfied and grateful for the one I have now.

Since you got married has there been any regret?

Nothing like that but few challenges and that has to do with change of environment.

How old is Munachi now?

He is just seven months now.

What should we expect from you in few months?

Just wait and see, it is not necessarily a movie but I am sure something better is coming.  My fans should just exercise a little patience.


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