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Applause for N56,000 minimum wage proposed by labour union

Nigerians have applauded the proposal of N56,000 minimum wage by the labour union. This was stated when sampled opinions of Nigerians about the proposal.

Mrs Aminat Adeosun supported the notion: “I think it is high time the government looked into increasing the minimum wage. Things are expensive and workers are groaning”.

However, she expressed fear over the possibility of the proposal because of the state of the Economy.

Aina Johnson also supported the move but criticized the timing because some states are struggling to pay the N18,000 minimum wage.

Adelegan Abiola is also happy about the proposal and urged the government to embrace it and make it a reality.Abiola Temitope said, “it is a good move but  It will be difficult to fulfill because of so many factors.”

Mr Ayuba Wabba  Nigeria Labour Congress President made the proposal on Thursday, April 27,2016 .

He stated that the N18,000 minimum wage was negotiated when naira was exchanged N100 to $1. He stressed that, the economic situation has drastically affected purchasing power of the workers.


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