4 MAPOLY ‘runs girls’ speak about their sexcapades

The term aristo is used to qualify high class undergraduates who sleep with men for money. They are also known as runs girls. The word, ‘aristo’ originally derived from aristocracy means the highest class in certain societies, especially those holding hereditary titles and offices.
In this piece, ENCOMIUM Weekly explores ‘aristoism’ in a tertiary institution of learning, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta (Ogun).

Determining the percentage of girls into this practice would not be totally accurate, because the institution does not possess hostel facilities in Abeokuta. The girls are scattered across the city. Basically, living in areas where their regular patrons reside such as Adigbe, Kuto and other areas. These areas are where you find them.
General survey and finding show that 20 per cent of ladies in the school are ‘aristos’. The girls do not have specific meeting points, they can also be found in every club and hotel all round the city. There are some well known clubs and places like ‘My Kitchen’, located at Oke-Ilewo, ‘Stadium’, located at Kuto, ‘The Presidential Lodge’ and ‘Iwe-Iroyin’. These places are well known by customers who patronize runs girls as spots to find girls.
You will be surprised at the number of young girls all dressed in skimpy clothes that you will find at these places. They parade themselves around, waiting for patrons.
The high class ‘aristos’ among them charge N15,000 per night, while the petty runs girls charge N4,000 per night. It all depends on the beauty and physique of the girl. There are also girls who charge about N1,000 and N2,000 for short time sex which lasts about an hour.
We gathered that the department of Mass Communication has the highest number of runs girls, followed by Accounting, Business Administration and Banking and Finance.
There are very few runs girls who do it just for sexual pleasure.

‘I am an orphan, no support from anywhere’ -OMOWUNMI THOMPSON
A student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Omowunmi Thompson (not real name) told us her story and how she became a runs girl…

“My parents are late. My dad died first, then my mother followed him a year after, leaving my twin sister and I alone in the world. After the death of my parents, we started living with our uncle who also died along the line. After our uncle’s death, we were totally alone because no family member wanted to take us in. They said we were cursed. Life was really difficult for us, feeding and living a normal life was a problem.
“So, I started working as a sales girl. My twin sister couldn’t find a job, I was taking care of her with the little I was earning. While I was working, my sister started processing admission in a higher institution and luckily, she was admitted. Then we were faced with the challenge of paying her school fees and other things related to her admission. We tried all we could to raise money but nothing worked.
“It was then I went to meet an old friend of mine, may her soul rest in peace. She promised to help us and she kept to her promise. She visited us frequently and showered us with gifts and money. She really improved our way of life and we looked up to her. One evening, she invited me over to her house and told me she wanted to teach me how to make money. She told me I would sleep with rich men in exchange for money. She told me that is the way she survives and pleaded with me to join her. I refused and left her house angrily. She stopped coming to our house, and as a result, the gifts and money stopped too.
“Our lives became difficult again as the N3,000 I was receiving as salary was not enough to sustain us. A month later, I returned to her, willing and ready to start doing runs. She introduced me to a lot of rich people and took me to parties and clubs. Here I am today looking good and living fine. I sent my twin sister to school and she graduated this year. She’s currently a Youth Corper. Even though I am still in school, I am happy.”

Ashawo Maitama‘I’m sad when I sleep with clients’ -TOPE CHRISTIAN
Tope Christiana (not real name), a runs girl in the institution whom we interviewed at ‘Stadium’ gave us more information…
Have you ever experienced any evil occurrence since you’ve been doing this job?
No! I follow my mind. I don’t go out if I don’t feel good about the outing, and if eventually I go out with a client and he tries to rape me, his penis will not stand erect!
His penis will not stand erect? How come?
I don’t know o, may be it’s charms (laughs sarcastically).
How do you feel when having sexual intercourse with a client?
Sad. I don’t feel comfortable and alright. That’s why I have to really get drunk before I do anything. Some of these customers can be very rough in bed.
Which department are you and which level?
Banking and Finance, ND 1.
The school is currently on holiday, how come you are still around and haven’t gone home for the holiday? You and all these girls.
Bros, you funny o. Go house go do wetin? How do you want me to pay my next session’s school fees, abi na you wan pay for me? We are all here to make money!
Do you complain when a customer rough handles you in bed?
Complain? Not really. Many of us get high and drunk, so we don’t feel anything.
What kind of things do you take to make you high?
Beer, codeine, rochi, trams, any kind of alcohol and drink, depending on what your body can withstand.
What can make you stop this work full time?
Money! If I get good money.
How much do you earn a month from runs?
I can’t tell you a specific amount, all I’ll tell you is I make a lot of money. A lot!
Why not look for other legal means to make money aside runs?
Is this an illegal business? Is there any police arresting us? The police and their oga dem sef patronize us. And what type of job, if I may ask? With how much salary? No work, for now, can fetch me this amount of money I make .
How much to you charge?
N10,000. I be classy babe nah!

1-2-fail-4‘l charge N15,000 per night’ -RHAMAT QUDUS
In an interview with Encomium Weekly, an HND 1 student, Rhamat Qudus (not real name), a student of Mass communication  told us how they operate…

Are you also a runs girl?
As you can see, I am.
What class of people patronize you?
Mostly rich men, politicians and sometimes any normal human being that has money.
How much do you charge?
I charge N15,000 per night.
Is this your favourite spot (My Kitchen)?
Yes oo! A lot of customers buy our market here o!
Which day of the week do you get more customers?
During weekends, that’s when our market moves.
Is this the only place you get clients?
I have friends that introduce me to people and I also have some clients myself. I meet some at clubs.

‘I do it for money’ FELICIA KEHINDE
Finding has shown that majority of the runs girls in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic venture into this act for money. A year two student of Mass Communication department, Felicia Kehinde (real name withheld) spoke with our reporters and revealed her reasons for being a runs girl…
“I do it for money, to look good, pay house rent and to arrange my room”.

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