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Barbers experience boom despite harsh times

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Despite the economic crisis in Nigeria, barbers are still making profit. In fact, more people are acquiring the skill with innovation and sophisticated equipment.

According to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s findings, some barbers make up to N5,000 daily, especially if they go for home services. Some make up to N6,000 at their peak period which is predominantly at weekends.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of some barbers about these…


TUNDE, Ikeja

Mr. Tunde has his shop in the highbrow area of Ikeja. For him, business has been good. I have more customers compared to some months back. I also go for home services which fetch me extra pay. But we don’t have a lot of customers on weekdays. Most of them come on weekends. I used to close very late during the peak period which falls on weekends.

Despite the fact that I make money from this business, some shops have shut down. Some barbers don’t have the up to date equipment needed for their business.

Some are not professional, they are not well trained, some didn’t finish their training before setting up their own. It’s also important for barbers to have good manners. Some barbers behave rudely to customers so they end up losing them. When this continues, they run out of business and eventually close shop.


SEUN, Agege

1-Mr senuBarbing business has now become easier and more profitable. Barbers are now well equipped with sophisticated tools that make their work faster, easier and neater. Customers are now willing to pay more for services.

Some good clients will even compensate you for a job well done. Salon close  down because some barbers don’t develop their skills. Once you acquire a skill, you have to work on it to make it better. There are some hairstyles that require treatment but most barbers don’t know that.


YAYA, Agege

1-Mr yayaBarbing business is more lucrative now. Innovations are introduced to the profession daily. Customers go home with a lot of satisfaction that makes them patronize you over and over again.

Salon close down because some barbers cannot satisfy their customers. Some are just not competent for the job. Some barbers are not good at cutting certain hairstyles. Once a client notices that, they will stop patronizing them. Also, it is important to create a conducive environment for your customers so you wouldn’t lose them.



1-Mr AkeemBarbing profession is getting better compared to previous years. Men don’t like cutting their hair again they prefer to be treating it and that costs more than cutting their hair.

Barbers close down their shops because they lavish their profit on frivolous things instead of reinvesting the money into their business.

Some don’t just have the right attitude to work. They just leave their shop anytime they like and when customers can’t find them, they go to another shop.


ENCOMIUM Weekly investigations revealed that the boom in the barbing business was triggered by the massive loss of jobs because of the economic recession. Young school leavers and university graduates who would not want to waste their time searching endlessly for job quickly jump into the barbing business.

Moreover, customers would not bother to pay more if the barber operates with a generator.  But this situation has been abused by some barbers who harbour miscreants and school dropouts in their shops. In most cases, such recklessness is resisted by the landlord or landlady of the shop. In most cases, such shops are shut to keep away miscreants and chalatants from their property.

Our investigations have shown that’s the main reason barbers shops are shut frequently. But in the overall, those who have decided to keep their heads straight and focused are enjoying a great business boom.


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