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Basketmouth reveals low moments of marriage

+How he stepped in for Bovi as the host

His real name is Bright Okpocha but his numerous fans know him as Basketmouth. The comedian told ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday night (December 14, 2014) how he was called to replace fellow comedian, Bovi as the co-host of The Headies, with the delectable Toke Makinwa. The father of two adorable kids also spoke more on The Headies, married life and why he thinks celebrity marriages don’t last these days…

How does it feel to be at The Headies?

I feel great. It’s lovely. There is nothing as beautiful as being in a beautiful place with beautiful people.

Good to tell you, I’m going to co-host the show tonight with Toke Makinwa. This would be my second experience, and I want to tell you, it’s a great show. It’s like our version of Grammy. I love the idea, the concept, decor, everything about the show.

What really happened to Bovi, because he was supposed to host the show?

Yes. He was supposed to host but I don’t really know what happened. He just called me and said he won’t be able to do it; that he needed me to step-in for him. So, I’m like the rescuer.

You have been part of The Headies for long. What’s your reaction about the late commencement?

Honestly, if I didn’t know what really happened; and what has been happening ever since, I would have crucified them. But the turn over time was too short. There was an event here (at the Eko Hotel, the venue of The Headies, a day before); they didn’t have access to the hall until early hours of the morning. And normally, the organizers of Oscars and Grammy have access to the venues a week before the D-Day or months. For us, it is crazy here.

Notwithstanding the mistakes they made was to fix such magnificent event in December, festive period. This late start is becoming serious. It is too long. I’m sure something will be done.

Away from that, you recently celebrated your wedding anniversary. How has it been being a married man as an entertainer, knowing full well that you guys are being chased by women?

I don’t know about chasing, maybe the musicians, but for comedians, I am not sure if we are being chased by women.

But being a married man has been great. I married a friend. The girl that I love and she understands me 100 percent. We have been together for a very long time; about 10 years. So, she understands me. She knew me when I was coming up; and she knows me now; she understands everything about me. That alone helps my marriage to become stronger and stronger. I travel alot, and I am always happy I have a wife who understands that. It’s been good and great.

What are the low moments of your marriage, and how have you been able to manage?

Mine is different because of my job. The low moments are times when she would cry because I wasn’t around. These times has been difficult for us. There was a time I travelled out of Nigeria for two months. Although during the period, I came to Nigeria three times, and when I was about leaving the next day, she was crying profusely.

How do you make-up?

Gifts. And whenever I am in the country, we have fun together. Like now, she’s here with me. She follows me to everywhere I go. I am also a houseboy, whenever I’m home, I do not leave the house. I spend every moment with my family; my wife and the kids.

What are those chores you do at home that people don’t expect?

I cook. I try, I can’t really say I’m a good cook. But I cook for my family.

I’m not that experienced to start giving advice to older people but, everything centres on love and understanding in every relationship. Look at our parents, after 30-40 years of marriage, they are still together. Then, you ask yourself, what are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Then, you find out that they are patient and tolerant. Our parents are tolerant but children of today are not. We’re more materiali-stic, no genuine love. I think, we should learn from our parents. If not that my dad had passed on; he would still be married. Don’t just marry somebody because she’s pretty or she’s from a rich family.




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