‘Bear with government, you’ll be compensated’ – Lawmaker pleads with demolition victims

HON. (Mrs.) Adeleye Oladapo, member representing Ifo Constituency II, Ogun State, on Friday, February 21, 2014, hosted the entire constituency as she commissioned a free ICT training centre as well as offered free medical care for members of her constituency.

Present at the occasion were royal fathers, dignitaries, politicians and people from all walks of life who turned out in large numbers to honour the lawmaker.

ENCOMIUM Weekly took her on the activities she embarked on, ongoing state projects in her constituency and more.


Why are you setting up an ICT training centre in a remote location like Lambe town?

Actually, what we’re having today is a 3-in-1 programme.  The first is the commissioning of our new ICT training centre.  Part of my electioneering promises was that I’m going to set up a free ICT training centre which we have done.  We’ve been running one for about two years now but because of the size and population of this constituency, we discovered that there’s a need for us to set up another one.

Are you solely responsible for this ICT training centre?

Fortuantely for us, after buying the land and building the structure, we got an agency under the committee chairman of Science and Technology in the House, Hon. Abiodun Akinlade.  The agency is National Information Technology Development Agency.  They equipped the centre for us.  We will still be responsible for running the place, paying the staff and maintaining the equipment.  This means we will be running two centres now and then run two sessions, morning and afternoon.  This will give more people the opportunity to learn computer operations free of charge.

Apart from the ICT training centre you’ve commissioned, what are the other activities for today?

We’re having a graduation ceremony for some of our outstanding students.  We have about three batches who are yet to graduate.  They’re all graduating today.  We also have free medical care.  This was instituted last year February 21.  Four years ago, I lost my immediate sister, Oluwaseun Omoniyi Adeleye to medical complications, and the family decided that we need to do something in her memory.  So, we felt these days people concentrate only on their daily work, leaving them with no time to take care of their health.  There are others who want to but don’t have the means.  What we have done is to bring all these people together and offer them free medical care under the Omoniyi Foundation.

What areas do the free medical care cover?

It covers all general health issues.  You check all your vital organs, malaria, typhoid, etc.  It also includes optical, your eyes would be tested and if you need glasses, you’ll be given free. It also includes dentals.  We have also added deworming for children as well as free breast cancer screening.  Even the one that usually scare people is available, that’s the HIV screening.

There are people from PDP, APC as well as Labour Party here today.  Where do you belong exactly?

I am in All Progressives Congress (APC) as at today.  I have friends across board.  I have friends in PDP, Labour Party and other parties as a seasoned politician.  However, I am a card carrying member of the APC.  Nigeria is gradually moving to a stage where the issue of party has reduced, people now look at your personality.  What have you done, what can you do for your people?  People are now working across the bridge.  All the programmes we’ve been having are purely apolitical.

There are so many activities in terms of road construction in your constituency.  What’ll you say about that?

Ifo II State Constituency is wearing a new look. I want to use this opportunity to thank the government of Ogun State, ably led by Senator Ibikunle Amosun for the ongoing road construction that we are witnessing in Ifo II State Constituency.  This is a border constituency between Lagos and Ogun States and the only road that links a part of Ogun with this constituency is the Sango-Ijoko-Agbado-Akute-Ojodu Road.  If you are coming through the express, you have to pass through Lagos to get to this constituency.  If you’re coming through Abule Egba, you will have to come in through Lagos before you can get here.  The only road that links directly from one part of Ogun State to this part of the state is the Sango-Ijoko-Agbado-Akute-Ojodu Road.  Because of this, we have been demanding for this for so long.  So, we are thankful to the government.  I also want to appeal to those who have been affected by the demolition of their properties in order to give way to the construction that they should please bear with the government.  They should be patient.

There were some complaints over compensation by the victims that it is not going round.

Yes, there were complaints.  Some are saying they are not getting their compensation but then, government is also 30 days make a pay.  The monies from Abuja and the internally generated revenue have to be judiciously managed because there are lots of things to be done.  So, I am appealing to my people to please bear with the government, it will reach them.  I’m also appealing to the state government to make sure that these compensations are paid on time.


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