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Biola Alabi to launch “Grooming for Greatness”, Up to 20 exceptional  young African leaders to be selected

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Biola Alabi, founder of Biola Alabi Media and former Managing Director  of M-Net Africa has announced the launch of her new leadership  development project, ‘Grooming for Greatness’.

The year long programme, commencing with a 3-day on-boarding event, will  bring leaders across sectors to share their experiences and expertise,  and groom the next generation of African business leaders.

The 3-day workshop and seminar will also identify exceptional talents  who will be mentored by Mrs. Alabi and her associates over the next  year.

The workshop will deal practical sessions to build the capacity of  participants with access to relevant and outstanding role models and  leadership tools, including recommended literature, through which they
can widen their knowledge base whilst simultaneously drawing inspiration  and ideas.

“We have spent the past year working on this crucial intervention. It’s  important to give a new generation of African leaders the practical,  applicable skills that can truly transform the continent,” Alabi, who is  also a Yale fellow, said. We want to cultivate an intuitive African  programme for young and aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs that  recognizes the challenges and opportunities inherent in embracing  personal greatness in this continent.”

A group of no more than 20 hand-picked participants will be guided  through the curated programme of workshops, discussions and seminars to  help harness their potential and discover greatness.

The subjects to be addressed this year includes: Immersive leadership,  strength based leadership, leading with purpose, building a meaningful  career, building powerful networks and creating influence. There will  also be one on one mentoring which will be an intricate feature of the  program.

Applications are now open on the website for interested candidates to  find out information about the program and register – on  www.groomingforgreatness.com also follow the handles for updates.
Twitter: @grooming4great

Instagram: @grooming4great

Facebook: Grooming4Great

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