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Bishop Tom Samson: ‘’How I got my Rolls Royce’


Bishop Tom Samson of Christ Royal Family International Church has joined the league of Rolls Royce  owners in Nigeria. The new wonder on wheels came as a birthday gift from some members of his church who honoured the energetic preacher of the word who joined the golden club in December 2015.

However, since the arrival of the high profile instrument of comfort, some church members, out of excitement, have inundated the social media with different congratulatory messages, felicitating with their leader and General Overseer.

In this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Tade Asifat, the Delta born clergy spoke excitedly about the expensive gift and much more…


On Sunday, March 27, 2016, a group among your church members presented you an instrument of comfort, a brand new Rolls Royce as 50th birthday gift. How does it feel?

You don’t know how much I felt. It makes me feel appreciated. It’s not in this field, just as Jesus Christ said, he healed 10 and only one came back to show appreciation. I have been in this ministry for over 30 years, way back to when I was in the university.

My ministry in Lagos is over 24 years, laboring, toiling and traveling round the world. And if now that I am 50, and a people felt no, this man has touched our lives. We’re nobody, he has impacted us. And we felt we want to give him the best.

In fact, it was as if I have never driven a car. I believe they deemed it fit that I should be rewarded. It’s too amazing. I felt good, rewarded and appreciated.

What’s the financial worth of the Rolls Royce?

They didn’t disclose the price to me. But being a customized one, anywhere in the world, the price is the same. We all know it’s worth a fortune. But it’s a gift to me. Not all the time they give you a gift you ask the people how much they bought the gift. All I know is that it costs a fortune.

How does it feel joining the league of Rolls Royce owners in Nigeria now?

For us in Christ Royal Family, God told us that 2016 is a year of superlative unprecedented glory. Glory is a beauty, glory is a honour from God. Having that is a mark of glory and honour. I feel good. At least being among those who own that kind of automobile is a status symbol.

It’s a mark of success. And to know that we have touched lives, we have come a long way. At the age of 50, I feel good.

How many cars do you have in your garage now?

All I will say is I am blessed. I appreciated God for that. My focus is on touching peoples’ lives across the globe. I focus on giving back to society, I focus on being sold out. And I just discovered that it pays to touch lives.

As I touch lives, I am being touched as well. As I give out, I receive back not in a measure I give out but in multiples. The Bible says, “Give and it shall be given on to you”. So, whatever I give out is coming to me in multiple folds. My life is just about the scripture.

Somebody may not see it that way, but that’s the truth. I give out and He gives back to me in a greater measure. I appreciate God for that.

After Rolls Royce, we guess what next is private jet. Are you also looking up to that because some pastors have acquired such?

When the need arises for that, God will provide it. For now, I am so much involved in projecting. And we all know our transport system is so much bad, there is no doubt about that. I will let you know that I will not put my money on that. When the need arises, God who always provides for me will surely make a way for that.

When the story broke via social media that your church members presented you a Rolls Royce as a gift for your 50th birthday, a lot of people have commented that it’s likely you’re the one who bought the wonder on wheels for them to present it to you, while some are even saying you deserve more than that from your followers. What’s your comment on this?

You see, people comment because they don’t know the personalities involved. Let me make it clear to those who may be reading this, I have a peculiar ministry. I was a downtrodden poor man lifted up by the grace of God. And God gave me commission to be raising people. If anyone wants to doubt me, if you believe in the anointing I carry out and the message I preach, you will know all things are possible by His grace.

I have anointing to lift people. Not only in Nigeria, but all over the world. I have churches in the US, all over Europe and Nigeria here. Do you know people come to my church poor? There are many politicians that have become great through my ministration. Some are directors, some are in oil and gas who came through my ministration. Some even got their through ministration on the television, some through my conferences.

I am happy to tell you that today, they’re lifted. If it’s a jet they give me today, I think it’s worth it. It’s not an exaggeration. My life has been impactful. I have impacted so many people home and abroad. Those who were nobody yesterday, today they’re lifted. So, if a man like me receives any kind of gift, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because of the kind of impact I have made in people’s lives.

In this Nigeria alone, there are many top politicians who got lifted through my ministry. There are many multi billionaires, who got lifted through my prayer and ministration, I don’t need to mention names. So, if by tomorrow, you heard that they give me a jet, it shouldn’t be a surprise because I have really touched lives spiritually.

A lot of people are also saying that the road leading to your church camp in Iyesi Ota, Ogun State is not good and that you should have concentrated on that. Now, using Rolls Royce on that kind of road, do you see any correlation in that?

That fact remains that you need a strong machine on a bad road. and I want to also say that those saying that should know that we have construction equipment which in our own little way, we have been rehabilitating roads.

People like us are even rehabilitating roads more. Rolls Royce I just discovered is just a strong machine. You may think because it’s very expensive. It’s stronger and all the cars I use are strong. So, for our bad road here, the machines I use are stronger. The fact also remains that they are not cars I even use every day. And moreover, for routes that I pass, as much as possible, we even rehabilitate the roads.

1-IMG_3283-001Were all these roads tarred?

No, they’re not tarred but at least we rehabilitate them to make them motorable.

Do you have the intention of tarring all these roads in the future?

My dear, I am not government. If the law gives us provision, as much as we can, we will do our best. Even, common rehabilitation cost us some millions. We’re to bring our machines for us to do that. But I believe, with the kind of government we have in Ogun State, we’re trusting God that the government will visit that area soon.

Is the Rolls Royce the best birthday gift you ever received?

That’s the best birthday gift I ever received. And I am glad that for many years of toil and labour, some people appreciated me with that wonderful gift. Some people may be wondering why I receive that, I have toiled for over 30 years impacting lives.

So, if some people had to think about me that this man that has been fasting and praying for us, ministering to us deserves the fruit of his labour, I don’t think there is anything bad in that. I want to say people should rejoice with me for reaping the fruit of my labour. If there’re people out there who have been laboring and have not been rewarded, I pray for them, theirs will come.

Your prayer for those who gave you the gift?

I pray for them, each day of their lives, good things will locate them. The Bible says a cup of water given to a prophet will attract prophet’s reward. For they honouring me, they will also be honoured.

So, can we say being 50 is an additional blessing to you?

Yes, it is. Clocking 50, golden jubilee, all over the world. Oh! I feel elated. People ride Rolls Royce in their 80s and 70s, even multi billionaires. But if I as a pastor and I am honoured with it at 50, I should be very grateful to God.

I am not just looking at Rolls Royce as a car, but the honour. I have been driving the best of cars, but the honour that at 50, being that Rolls Royce should do with royalty and this ministry is royal. Even, all my cars are customized with royal number plates. So, it’s the attachment, the honour that I feel happy about.

I feel respected. It’s not just about the machine, but the thought that my members could deem it fit that I am worth. I am grateful to God.


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