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Blunt actress, Uche Iwuji confesses – ‘I can’t date anybody who does not have money’

LIGHT-skinned actress, 18has been away from the industry for the past five years to face her academic career in the University of Lagos.  But back and better on Tuesday, August 7, 2010, ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her in Surulere, Lagos.  She spoke on why she broke up with her boyfriend, the rumour making the rounds that she is in a new relationship, career and other issues.


How will you describe your career at the moment?

My career is kicking up, I left for five years now I am back and better. I am trying to be myself now, I have been receiving calls for jobs, I am happy and I thank God for everything.

What took you away from the industry for five years?

School, I had to face my education once and for all.  I could not combine acting with my education, so, I had to leave one for the other.  But I thank God I am back for good.

Are you through with your education now?

Yes, I am through. I will be graduating next month to the glory of God.

Now that you are back, what are you working on?

I am busy working on a film and a soap opera.

Tell us about them.

The soap is about a modelling agency where we employ actors, actresses and models.  But the manager is fond of sleeping with girls before giving them jobs or any role to play and these girls are people who don’t know what it takes to be a super model, they are novice, they are not beautiful, they are girls from the gutter, they had to dance to the tune of the manager in order to get jobs.  So, we the girls working with him are like why does he have to sleep with the gutter girls before he can give them jobs, girls who are not even qualified to be models.  We had to discourage him from sleeping with the cheap girls who don’t know the do’s and don’ts of modelling.  It’s all about what goes on in the entertainment industry while the movie is about image, married women who date younger men and pretend not to see anything wrong with their action.

You’ve been away for five years, don’t you think your fans have missed you?

Yes, seriously I know they’ve missed me.  They’ve been sending me different messages on Facebook, telling me how much they’ve missed me, telling me to come back that they want to see my face again, asking me what has been happening to my career, where I am and all that.  My fans have missed me a lot and I miss them too, but I am back now.

You used to be a model, why did you abandon it?

I am a model, I still model, I have some modelling jobs in my hands right now. I have gone for interviews, face screening but I have not done photo shoot, I am just waiting for the jobs to click.

Do you prefer modelling to acting?

Not really because I am an actress, I think I love the active part when it comes to acting.  I don’t really know the ups and downs of modelling, I don’t know much about it, I am just using my face as an actress.

What is that beauty item you cannot do without?

My black eyeliner. I have tried other things but they are not working, so I decided to stick to it since I am comfortable with it.

Are you a lipstick or a lip gloss person?

I am a lip gloss girl, I don’t miss my lip gloss, l love my Pink Laurel lip gloss because I have pink lips.

What do you do to keep fit?

Nothing really, its just God because my face goes and comes back, I don’t have a particular thing that I use. I might be fat today and slim tomorrow. I don’t have a stagnant stature, I have started working on myself now, I am working on my weight since I am coming back to the industry because people don’t want to see fat babes, they want to see sexy, slim babes. I thank God that my beauty is back and here to stay.

Who is your favourite designer?

I love Versace and Zizi Cardow.

How comfortable are you when you play romantic roles?

I am not always comfortable playing love roles because I laugh a lot.  When I am with the guy I just look at him and say I don’t believe I am doing this with this person, I should be doing this with my boyfriend, I just laugh over it.

It was recently reported that you broke up with your boyfriend, what was responsible for the breakup?

Yes, it’s true. I broke up with him because he could not take care of my needs and I cannot see myself suffering or spending for a guy. If you want to marry me, I think you should be able to take good care of me, you don’t need to give me all, you don’t need to give me everything, you don’t need to give me the whole world, I just want little like take this money, go and do your hair, take this money, travel, take a flight and all that.  You need to show some concern, show me that you are a man, let me see and feel the man in the house, you don’t need to tell me that you are a man, you have to show it.  So, why do I have to keep suffering over a man who cannot take care of my needs?  He wasn’t there for me, he is loving but he is not somebody that can really take good care of me, he can’t take care of my needs and that was why I broke up with him.

It was also reported that few months after the break up you were already in another relationship, how true is it?

It’s not true, I don’t have anybody.  The person they are talking about is my friend, I haven’t seen him for a very long time then I came across him in a club and I started dancing with him.  We were only dancing together, nothing more but I think he was to close for comfort that was why people started thinking that he is my boyfriend.  He is not my boyfriend, he is just my friend, I am not in a relationship for now. If I am, I will tell you. I don’t hide my boyfriends, I bring them out everybody knows me for that and I don’t think I want to be in a relationship, I think the next thing I am going to do is just to get married, no courtship (laughs).

So, how have you been able to cope emotionally?

It wasn’t easy, I lost so much in five months, I was thinking of what to do but I got support from my fans. I am trying to gain my life back, it is not as if it is easy for me but I thank God.

What are the qualities you desire in a man?

I just want him to be everything. Loving, caring, intelligent, supportive, just to have things that every woman desires and I have to see him as my friend.

What place does money take in a relationship?

With money, everything will be fine.  Money is the key, if you don’t have money, you will be frustrated, money answereth all things.  I don’t know why some people say that there is love without money, it is not true, it is a big lie.  They are just deceiving themselves, there cannot be love without money, it is not possible.  You will suffer in a relationship without money because you will deprive yourself of so many good things. I cannot be there just for the sake of being there, I can’t do that.  If we want to follow the Nollywood standard, we are supposed to be more than where we are, you cannot do a movie now and decide not to work for the next three months, you will suffer.  So, money is the key, it is everything, it answereth all things.

What is your definition of love?

Does love have a definition?  Love does not have any definition, it is just there, it comes and goes but I think it is the greatest gift.

What is the worst thing you have ever done for love?

Nothing really, I have not really done anything for love.

What would you never do for love?

The kind of guys I have dated don’t make me go through stress to say I want to go and fight somebody because of them or do something silly, they love me back.





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