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Boko Haram cursed for abusing women and children in Sambisa Forest (2)

Nigerian women are mad with insurgents for violating and abusing women and children they abducted and



held in the forest for many months.

Expressing their anger in a public opinion poll with ENCOMIUM Weekly, they condemned the Islamist terror group, whom they described as animals and barbarians.

Our respondents also gave some advice to Nigerian government.


‘Government should keep a close eye on abused women and children’ – DAMISAH GRACE

I do not expect such from a religious group because this act is called, child abuse. The right and pride of the girl children was forcefully taken from them, this would forever leave a stigma on them.

All we want them to do is to put an end to Boko Haram, arrest all their leaders which I know they can if they put their mind to it. For the abused people, the government should keep a close eye on them because we can never say, some of them might have been initiated into this group.


‘They have only succeeded in jeopardizing the future of these young girls’ – RUKAYAT OLOWO

They have only succeeded in jeopardizing the future of these young girls. This act will have a psychological effect on them and it would take a long time before their sanity would be regained. The government should make sure they conduct a psychological evaluation test on these children in order to know where and how they can help them get themselves back.


‘The act or the abuse is dehumanizing, inhuman and callous’ – MARY ONOSIEM

The act or the abuse is dehumanizing, inhuman and callous. Impregnating young girls who are not even old enough and now putting them in state of motherhood. Those people should be severely punished.


‘I think it is unfair and unreasonable’ – ASHAKE OLUSOLA

I think it is unfair and unreasonable. They are attacking women because they are vulnerable. They should rehabilitate and also give them of post traumatic therapy initiative.


‘It has become shame to the nation’ – MISS FIDELIA MICHAEL

It is sad that such horrible thing is happening and the government couldn’t do anything to stop it. It has become shame to the nation. To me, the government should never allow any of those abused people to go back into the society without a proper reformation, re-orientation and re-alignment of their minds with the real society.


‘It’s unfortunate that those women were sexually abused by Boko Haram insurgents’ – MRS. EMEM CHUKUMA

It’s unfortunate that those women were sexually abused by Boko Haram insurgents. Those children that would be born or already born should become government properties and never be allowed to live with their mothers to avoid growing the next generation of Boko Haram.


‘It is only God that will help those women’ – MISS. BLESSING ANTHONY

Those women were sexually abuse and forcefully. It is only God that will help those women and will not allow them to be infected by any virus. I want the government to arrest the Boko Haram and kill them.


‘They have committed a lot of unforgivable crimes’ – MARGRET OBINA

I feel so sad anytime I see the video clip or read anything about the activities of these devils called Boko Haram insurgents. They have committed a lot of unforgivable crimes, so they should be punished accordingly. They have really abused womanhood by raping the innocent teenagers and women in their custody. They shouldn’t go unpunished. And if the military can’t get them arrested, they should be fought without leaving any stone unturned.

They have killed many people directly and indirectly so they should also die. The military should be commended for its latest effort but more efforts is still required to ensure Boko Haram issue becomes history in Nigeria.


‘God will punish their generation’ – NKECHI ONWUKA

No sinner shall ever go unpunished. I believe God’s wrath will sooner or later descend on the families of these evil men. It’s so sad to hear this type of story in Africa. I also suggest the rescued girls should be properly taken care of by government and UN agencies.


‘Boko Haram insurgents are not normal human beings’ – OWOLABI ADEBOLA

Boko Haram insurgents are not normal human beings. They are devils and shouldn’t be allowed to live. They should be severely dealt with for the abuse of womanhood. They have raped the innocent under aged girls, forced some of them into untimely marriages.

They have even impregnated other men’s wives. Where did they see all these in the Holy Quran? So, Nigerian masses and government should join in fighting them to a standstill. President Jonathan has tried but belated. Yet I commend him but he shouldn’t relent until Nigeria overcome the notorious sect terrorizing our nation.


‘They deserve death’ – PASTOR (MRS.) GLORY JOHN UDOH

These wicked insurgents deserve to die. I have never seen such manifestation of bestiality anywhere in the world. They violated several hundreds of women and children. And you think God will forgive them? They are condemned for ever.


‘These animals should rot in jail’ – ABIGAIL OSI

I don’t know what’s delaying the trial of some of the insurgents already in detention. These animals should rot in jail for the rest of their miserable life. I sympathize with the abused girls. We should put them in our prayers.

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