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Boko Haram cursed for abusing women and children in Sambisa Forest

Nigerian women are mad with insurgents for violating and abusing women and children they abducted and held in the forest for many months.

Expressing their anger in a public opinion poll with ENCOMIUM Weekly, they condemned the Islamist terror group, whom they described as animals and barbarians.

Our respondents also gave some advice to Nigerian government.


“They must be tried for crime against humanity” – PASTOR (MRS.) VICTORIA OKEZIE-AGBARA

It’s so, so sad. I was shocked by the account of the rescued women. I have never seen a thing like that in this century.

All of the insurgents should be handed over to ICC for crime against humanity. The Federal Government should also take



necessary steps to integrate the victims into society.


These mad dogs should be castrated – MRS. DARLING MBAGWU

What a country where anything can happen. While we were talking about 200 plus Chibok Girls, these heartless animals were violating over 1000 innocent women in the forest. And there was no intelligence pointing to this evil. Besides, the relatives of the victims, knowing there was nothing government could do, just took it in good faith. Oh, my God.

What these guys (Boko Haram) deserve is castration and death by torture.


“FG has to compensate the abused women” – MS NKASIOBI NWANKWO

I’m not happy with the kind of atrocity committed against these Nigerian women. It’s unimaginable.

I think we should compensate them so they can live a better life. I also believe it’s time to strengthen our security to arrest barbaric acts like what the Islamic insurgents have done to our women.


‘It’s absurd, the Boko Haram members are very wicked’ – ADEWUSI FUNMI

It’s absurd, the Boko Haram members are very wicked. The Nigerian army needs to work harder to rescue the other people that have been captured by Boko Haram members.

They are government responsibility now. They need to be examined properly, they need to be tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. I am sure the government will take proper care of them.


‘They are heartless people, they need to be killed’ – OMOTAYO OBASI

They are heartless people. They need to be killed once they are caught, they have no human sympathy. I am very sure most of the women and girls will be depressed even to the extent of committing suicide.

The government should do everything in their capacity to take good care of the women and girls. If possible, they should flush out pregnancies that are under three months. I am sure some of those women and girls will not want to keep the pregnancies.


‘I feel so sad because they have no regard for our women’ – MRS. SAMUEL KATE

We women are like eggs, we need proper care from men. Men abuse us sexually. I feel so sad because they have no regard for our women. I want the government to compensate them with good jobs and care that will erase the ugly experience.


‘The government should act fast’ – MRS. ADEYEMI KEMI

I am so sad about what is happening in our country. The leaders are not working towards the expectations of the citizens. The government should act fast and provide proper care for them.


‘Military should not spare Boko Haram’ – ZAINAB ASIFAT

I was happy the day I heard that over 200 girls have been rescued from the den of Boko Haram insurgents. I thought they were Chibok girls. Only to later know they weren’t. But no matter what, Nigerians should appreciate the effort of the military so far.

They have committed a lot of crime against humanity. They have raped and impregnated innocent girls and they’re claiming to be muslims. They are evil and should be dealt with squarely if they are arrested. The military shouldn’t spare them. They have killed a lot of innocent people and should also be made to face the consequences of their actions.


Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

‘Military is winning the battle’ – MORADAYO ALAO

It’s a good news that the military is winning the battle and more women and children being rescued from the captivity of the notorious sect. I believe Nigerians should give kudos to President Jonathan for that, though belated. The major news people are expecting is the release of the Chibok girls, but since no official information differentiating the Chibok girls and all other girls kidnapped, we can’t conclude that Chibok girls are not among those that have been rescued.

As regards what should be done to the insurgents on the abuse of womanhood, they should be made to pass through similar experience they subjected those they kidnapped to before they’re prosecuted if they’re arrested.


‘I cannot imagine someone close to me being one of them’ – FUNMI IYIOLA

It is very sad thing. I cannot imagine someone close to me being one of them. We had only been talking about the Chibok girls, unknown to us that they had kidnapped even more women and children. I almost cried when I saw how hungry looking the children were. I just hand them over to God.

The state government should send them to good schools both in the country and overseas. I also think they should get mind experts to help them. They can’t think straight as they are now.


‘God will judge them’ – BUKOLA ADEJOKE

It is only God that will judge those heartless Boko Haram people. How can someone be that callous, not only kidnapping the women and children, but sleeping with them? What is the governor and police in that state doing. It is their fault. I think psychologists can help them get back to normal.


‘Are they still abusing little girls and women in the name of Allah? – LAWRENCE ONUZULIKE

I think it’s horrifying. Are they still abusing little girls and women in the name of Allah? And for those saying that no girls are missing, what do they have to say now? I used to watch scary things like this on CNN and Al Jazera happening in war-torn and terrorist-ridden countries, so you can imagine how shocked I was seeing this happening in my own country.

I won’t even pretend to understand the level of trauma the victims may be in. I truly wish that the government would be very sincere (for once in this country) in rehabilitating and resettling them.


‘Boko Haram should be brought into justice without mercy’ – OLANREWAJU MCLAN

We understand abuse to mean the cruel use of power or authority to harm another person emotionally, physically, or sexually and Hallmark of the devil.

Nigeria government need to bring all Boko Haram to justice without mercy and also empower the law to deal with anyone caught in this devilish act to Justice and without any bail.


‘They should be tortured to death’ – MRS MERCY BENJAMIN

I’m very happy for people both the young and old who were rescued from Boko Haram captive. I really appreciate the government for their effort to rescue the abducted people. Please, they should put more effort, employ more military to rescue the remaining and also arrest the Boko Haram sect. When they are arrested, they should be tortured to death so we will be at peace and live freely in the country.


‘I thank God for them’ – MRS FUMILAYO OPEYEMI

I thank God for them. It’s the joy of everybody that the abducted men, women and children are returned. It’s the joy of every good Nigerian to see their return. I may not be close to their families, but I must say that I’m happy for them. Despite what they went through, as far as there is life, there is hope for them. Those that were impregnated, I think the government should take care of them. Those that are yet to return, I pray and hope that someday they will return in good health.

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