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‘Business has been on the low side this year ‘- Entrepreneur cry

As 2015 draws to an end, most business men and women have started taking stock of their transactions since January till date. Some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to said the year has not been all that favourable to their respective traders due to the economic situation of the country.

However, they all have the hope that 2016 will be better. 



The year started on a tough note, especially because of the election and the high exchange rate. That really affected things a lot, making things quite expensive, but after some time people adapted to it, business then picked up again. Considering the kind of industry we’re in, we’re usually busy at this time of year. So far, so good, business has been okay.

We realised that people are becoming more conscious of their look, so this year we were able to take some upgrade classes with some top makeup artists. And we’re hoping that next year we’d be better and be able to offer better service.



Business in Nigeria in 2015 faced a lot of uncertainties due to so many groundbreaking activities in the country. But in all, I will say business has been good. We met our target in some areas and fell short in others, but that’s business.

We still have a lot to do this year even though the year is inching to an end. Next year’s outlook looks good as we have some nice products to roll out. And in the movie section, our new movie is nominated for an award which will be hosted by Ondo state Governor in December this year.



Things started a bit well at the beginning of 2015. but getting to the second quarter of the year, everything started going down. Few months later, business was at a standstill. The economy haa been so tough since then. We even hoped that normalcy will return towards the end of the year, till this moment, it’s still the same story. But I believe after this year, we shall begin to reap the fruits of Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade. Now, I am still to see what will happen from January 2016, it’s then I will begin to map out new strategies for the new year. But in all, we need to give thanks to Almighty God for keeping us alive throughout 2015, and I pray we shall all live to witness 2016, in sound health and prosperity. Amen.



First, I need to thank God for His mercies on me and my business since the beginning of 2015, till date. Quite obvious that things were rough at the beginning of the year due to preparations for elections. But after the elections, we all hoped that businesses will pick up as the party for the common man had won.

This hope was dashed as the economy started getting tougher and tougher due to anti-corruption war which to me is also needed because the previous administration led by former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had thrown the country’s treasury to the pit. So, I don’t think there is any right thinking Nigerian that will blame Buhari for cutting cost in all ramifications. Although, it affects free flow of business everywhere because there is no enough money in circulation. And that’s why things are so tough now. No much sales despite the fact that Christmas and New Year are around the corner. But I am preparing harder to enter the new year (2016) with a blast. And I am sure everything will come to play business wise. I wish my customers merry Christmas and a blessed new year in advance.



Considering the obvious challenges we’ve faced, I would say it has been an okay year. Not too bad, and not fantastic. The year started slowly as people were apprehensive and thus careful about how they spend their money because of the wave of the elections. At some point it got better, people became more relaxed and all that. But it’s God all the way.

For next year, we’d be introducing a new range of services which are still in the works currently. You know, one has to stay ahead of the competition. We hope it would reflect in the volume of business we do.


BOLAJI JOSEPH, The Bael services and Automobiles

Business has been really good. This year hasn’t been bad at all, so many groundbreaking incidences.

I have met and even surpassed my target for the year. I’ve already noted my short term goals for the first quarter of 2016, and I’ve already started working on them. Now is the time to start planning. Waiting till January to plan means I’ve slowed down.


BUNMI OSOBU, Shai Skincare and Parlour

Business was generally low during the first and second quarter of the year, the third quarter witnessed a change in government, which was also slow for business, but things started picking up this last quarter.

About meeting our target? Far from it, we couldn’t but we thank God all the same. 2016 looks promising.

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