Celebrities speak on The Black & White Ball (2)


Our esteemed guests showered us with encomiums for staging what they tagged the best ball under the sky. Some also opined how it could get better…


I have always had a wonderful experience with ENCOMIUM when it comes to The Black & White Ball and every other event you have been organizing. No one does it better than you guys.

The Black & White Ball is always unique in every aspect, be it the dress code, music and entertainment generally, class of attendees, ambience and every other thing. In this edition, nothing was left out also. Among the softsells, ENCOMIUM’s events are always the best. Black & White Ball is an event to look forward to every year. I believe it has a spiritual connotation which may to be known to the organizers.

You really did well this year. Wish you many more.

alex-001ALEX EKUBO

The Black & White Ball was well attended and properly coordinated. The 12 course meal was superb.

Everything was good, but there is always room to get better.


The Black & White Ball is a novel and interesting concept from the stable of ENCOMIUM Weekly. The event was well organized, the decor and ambience was lovely and very welcoming. Guests were gaily dressed and the music was really good. There were lots and lots to drink. There was a lot to eat too, but the waiters were gallivanting around my table so we didn’t get at least three of the 12 course meal. All in all, it was a really classy party. The only downside was the long wait on the black carpet and the fact that the event billed to start at 4pm didn’t take off until well after 6pm. I’ll say kudos to ENCOMIUM Weekly for always raising the bar.


It was fun and I had it. ENCOMIUM is known for good events. The only thing I would like them to improve is have more entertainment. During intervals there should be an entertaining programme in between and the DJ should be allowed to play music for a long time. Aside that, I had fun. I really enjoyed myself.


It’s a fantastic show. The award was nice and a welcome idea. It was a successful ball. That was the first time I would be among such gathering.

Being a DJ I have played at events, I have never been in a place like that. I love the decoration and almost everybody adhered to the dress code. Nothing much except that some people were backing the stage.

grace amahGRACE AMAH

It was okay. It could have been better, anyway. I enjoyed the comedy, music, the entertainment generally.

I enjoyed last year’s more than this year’s.

uche nnajiUCHE NNAJI

The event was really Black & White in every sense. I personally appreciated the fact that people followed the dress code, which is what I always look out for at events. The ambience and the entertainment was first class.


The Black & White Ball is one ball I always look forward to. It is always classy and well put-together. I always give ENCOMIUM thumps up after each ball.

The organization and lovely atmosphere and of course, the food and drinks were all good. Just keep doing the good work.

de donDE DON

It was marvellous and fantastic as usual. It was really nice. The ambience, the live band, I met a lot of friends I have not seen for a long time.

It is just that the television beside me was black and white throughout.

toyin bamgboseBAR. TOYIN BAMGBOSE

The Black & White Ball was a great one as with other events ENCOMIUM has staged. In fact, this year’s event was a notch higher with its 12-course meal. However, I think the award categories should be rebranded, and more music should be injected. But in all, it was an awesome event, and I had fun throughout.


It is getting better, well organized, coupled with the concept of a 12-course meal. The arrangement is getting better. The 12 course meal, I was wondering what would be served. I actually counted it, it was nice.

titi oshinowoTITI OSHINOWO

ENCOMIUM’s events are usually at its best. I have never been disappointed attending your events. In fact, I always look forward to any of your events, especially The Black & White Ball. It’s a unique media event that no other media organization stages. It has been the only media show I have ever enjoyed.

It’s always a great honour to be part of such an event. 2014 edition of Black & White Ball was well packaged. I really enjoyed myself. Kudos to you guys.

The only aspect I will advise you work on the next edition is the way food was served. The caterers and their servers should be more organized so that the food could go round all the tables as at when due.


It was a high society event. It’s an event where you could catch up with old friends.



I love it. It was the first time I would be attending. It was really great.



The Black & White Ball didn’t deviate from its standard. This enviable standard has been maintained over the years. It is the numero uno of all parties in Nigeria which is why we are always a part of it. Kudos to Mr. KB and the entire ENCOMIUM team. I never expected less. So, I will continue to support and promote the brand.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the ball. I would say that the Black & White Ball, Series 5 was a high octane event graced by the high and mighty. A 12- course meal is rare but we had it all. I didn’t notice any serious flaw, though it can only get better.

amaka okereAMAKA OKERE

I’ve been attending ENCOMIUM parties for years now and I have never been disappointed. In the same vein,this year’s Black & White Ball was classy. From foods to drinks, it was like no other ball in this side of the world. Kudos to ENCOMIUM for always hosting us.

fredFRED NWAULUNE, Metro 97.7FM

The Black & White Ball was awesome. Good people, wonderful ambience, nice setting. It was an experience that would linger for a while. But I wished we didn’t have to be at the black carpet for too long.



It was okay. It was a very colourful event. It was a meeting point for people from different backgrounds to interact and exchange contacts. It was also a very good platform to boost one’s career.

The Black & White Ball was also unique in every aspect. I really enjoyed being a part of it and I had fun throughout. That’s my first time of attending ENCOMIUM’s event, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The 12-course meal of a thing was awesome.


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